Welcome to the Mystery of Starium-X

There is trouble brewing on the UPF worlds of the frontier!

A new highly addictive drug has been flooding the underworld markets on several worlds.  Commonly called "Starium" due to it's "glittering illusion" side effect on human sight reported by users.  Authorities call it "Purple Rose" due to the Rose-like odor of the Dark Purple crystal form it is transported in.  While an addictive drug to humans, it has different effect on the other races: Yazarians get a buzz off of it but it's not addictive to them, Vrusk seem to like it as a food additive/spice, and to Dralasites it acts like an acid burning their skin if they come in contact with it.

It's origin unknown and effect on the population rapidly approaching epidemic proportions, law enforcement and corporate interests on the UPF worlds have banded together to fight the threat.  The players will be hired as Explorers and Mercs, one of many such groups, tasked with discovering the source of the drug and returning the information to the authorities.

This site was made to follow the development of this new Star Frontiers module.  The material on this site is primarily for the game master/referee and includes a lot of background information the players should not know until discovered in the course of playing the adventure.

New Material

This adventure adds more depth to the original Star Frontiers game.  While the players start on a main UPF world, they quickly find themselves exploring new systems that were classified as "unexplored" on published star maps.

Check out the new star systems on the Left Nav (start with the Star Map page :) ).  New information is being added regularly (meaning every few days - this IS a hobby after all :) ).
Star Frontiers Revival

While you are waiting for this awesome new adventure to be finished be sure and join the revival!  Download PDFs of the old SF game books, read through all the new material published in the Star Frontiersman eZine, and have fun!

If you live around Portland, Ore we are attempting to get a regular game group running.  Contact me at "starfrontiersfan {at} gmail {dot} com".