How to Find Star Hack on Battle.Net

Available in North America only for now.  From StarCraft II Multiplayer menu...
  • Click "Create Game" under Custom Games
  • Select "Popular" and "Co-op VS AI"
  • Search for the word 'starhack' in the search window.

Features Overview

Star Hack is a Diablo® II*-style hack-and-slash mod for StarCraft® II with:
  • Character classes
  • Class skills and special abilities
  • Skill points
  • Character inventory
  • Class-restricted armor and weapons
  • Socketable armor
  • Multiplayer
  • Character save
  • Quests
  • More than 100 possible random item abilities
  • Randomly-generated dungeons 

Use character attribute and skill points to increase stats. 

Manage your inventory and current equipment.

8-player cooperative play.  

Quick Start

Customize items by adding gemstones to available sockets.  Sockets might be found on:
  • Weapons 
  • Armor
  • Off-hand items
  • Rings
  • Amulets. 

When health runs, out players will respawn in town.

Use Town Portal scrolls to bring your friends back to the battleground.

Would you like to help with development?  Please help us dedicate more time to the project by donating.

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