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Welcome to the website for the Wilson Middle School Vocal Music Department for the 2014-2015 school year. On this site you will find all information regarding StarElite and all other Vocal Music opportunities. 






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Solo Auditions! 1/8/15

StarElite members:
Auditions for all Solos in our show this year will be held after our normal Thursday evening rehearsal.

The following solos are up for grabs:
Radioactive (1 solo and one possible duet/solo)
Harmony (1 solo)
Heal the world (1-2 solos)

All solos are open for both guys and girl's to audition. You can audition for as many solos as you think you are interested in singing. I encourage as many people as possible to audition. If you know you will be gone for the January 8th rehearsal, please contact me about setting up another time to audition if you want to audition.

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Reminder about weather policy...

A reminder that in the event of either a late start or a school cancellation, StarElite practice would also be cancelled.