Permissions & Privacy

Depending on your device Star Chart may request you to approve certain permissions. Below is a list of these permissions and why Star Chart asks for them as well as how they are used.

However, in general you can rest assured that we do not trade, store, track, disseminate, or otherwise use your data in any way other than to help make your experience better. We believe your data is yours and you should be in control of whom has access to, and how your data is used.

If at some future point this changes, you will be explicitly informed within the app and / or this document will be updated with precise details of what we do with data.


Star Chart uses your device's location data (GPS data) to determine where on the Earth you are located and therefore what night sky objects are visible to you from your current location. Denying access to location data means that you will not get an accurate reading of the night sky unless you manually set your location data in some other way. If permitted, Star Chart may use and record your location data on your device. However, all location data is solely used to calculate a visual representation of the night sky / celestial objects based on your current location. We do not collect any data nor do we transfer any data to a third party.

**** None of your GPS data is distributed outside of your device nor used by us in any other way ****


Star Chart only asks for permission to use the Internet so that it can in rare circumstances:

  • Download updated information on solar system, satellite and night sky bodies, including trajectories and general data. 
  • Connect to servers for access to purchasing and downloading in-app upgrades.
  • Connect to our support page.
  • Send a support email.
  • Link to our Social Media sites.
  • Access net-based Voice Command APIs

Record Audio:

On some platforms, Star Chart allows English speaking users to control Star Chart with Voice Commands. These voice commands are interpreted by the OS's Voice API. On Android, using the Voice API for voice commands requires us to ask all users in all territories to give permission for Star Chart to 'Record Audio'.

We do not collect any audio from your device unless you specifically trigger the voice command function, and we do not share that data with anyone else other than as required by the API to interpret the audio commands. For example, some voice command software sends audio command snippets to a server where they are analysed & interpreted before the results are returned to the app so that your commands can be actioned.

Privacy Policy

Please note that Star Chart respects your privacy. We do not receive any data from your device, nor do we send any data to a third party - except:
  • When you use Voice Commands - these commands may use the internet to send data back to either Google or Microsoft to help interpret your commands. These commands are then sent back to Star Chart in the form of text that we use to determine the action to take.
  • When you use the support email function in Android AND you explicitly tick the boxes that allows us to receive data on your device and location. This information is only used by us to narrow down any bugs you may be experiencing which are related to GPS coordinates.