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How to Play Tugby

TUGBY                   **** Rugby in TUGboats****

This describes the MANUAL (i.e. non-scripted) version of the game.


The purpose of this game is ....................... FUN!!!

The objective is to use your Tug to help your team to maneuver the circular 'barge' or 'puck' on the centerline towards the opponents'  line, as you would with the ball in the game of Rugby. If you're in a red Tug, try to help push the 'barge' to the green line ("Gooooo Reds!"); if you're in a green Tug, the red line is your objective.

In the Tugby Clubhouse in Santa Cruz, everything that you need to play Tugby is available for free.  You get a landmark to the Observation Platform in Santa Rosa.  If you aren't actually playing we ask that you watch from there.  You can pick up a note card that gives you the basics of Tugby.  If you aren't skilled at editing objects, you can pick up a set of Tugby Markers, one red and one green.  Depending on the team that you join or are assigned to: you will attach that marker to your SPINE (you can simply choose WEAR it).  You will rezz your Tugboat behind the white line near the END line that has your color.  If you have a red marker, you will rezz next to the red end line.  You must stay between the colored end line and the white line until the PUCK (circular barge) is dropped. You can also get a invitation to the Tugby Captains group here and pick up a free copy of the PUCK.  Last, but definitely NOT least you can pick up your free Tugboat!

You will need to be a member of the Tugby Captains group to rezz your Tugboat on the field.  When you have your marker attached, sit on your Tugboat (right-click the panel with the helm, or wheel, attached and click 'Tug') to take control.

In order to assign people randomly to teams, we use the Team Picker Prim (see the red and green pyramid prim in the picture to the left).  People who want to play gather at the dock.  When asked, they touch the prim and after a short wait the prim announces who is on which team.  Team 1 = RED, Team 2 = GREEN.

Here is a picture of the Tugby Field looking to the south.  If you have been assigned to the GREEN team, then you rezz your Tugboat, make the roof of the Tugboat green (or wear the green Tugby Marker) and go to the end of the field that has the end line colored green.  Line up there with your Tugboat behind the semi-transparent white line.  Wait until the Tugby Director drops the puck near the center white circle on the field.

To start the engine press PG-Down; you will see smoke start to pour out of your funnel.  PG-Up honks the horn, should you wish to annoy and irritate your opponents :).

The arrow-keys are for steering and throttle. The 'Left' and 'Right' keys steer, while the 'Up' and 'Down' keys adjust the throttle 1 click at a time. Maximum speed forward is 10 clicks Up, and  maximum speed in reverse  is 5 clicks Down. The throttle setting of your Tug will be visible at all times in hovertext above it. There is no need to keep the Up key pressed; once you have set the throttle, your Tug will hold its speed until you change it by tapping the Up or Down keys. Try to watch the game and think ahead; a Tug is not the most quick and maneuverable boat, and has a wide turning circle when its built up a bit of speed. It also takes a while to slow down again!

After a goal, you will need to go back to your end of the field and stay behind the white line until the puck is dropped.  The puck will drop along the center line, but not always in the same place.  

The game can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. You can just shove your opponents and the puck  forward, like a Rugby player in a scrum (a mass of players all pushing around the ball, or 'puck' in this case), to get your Tug to help push the puck toward the opposing line.

You should also play defensively, as once the barge has got past you, it's a slow process to turn around and chase your opponents as they triumphantly race with it towards your line. Your team might plan to have a couple of Tugs playing 'defense' positions, ready to block the barge if any opposing Tug should manage to push it through the scrum. Or not. Experimentation and luck are all part of the fun, and the most important thing is not to get too serious about it :)

Once the barge has been driven onto one or other of the touchlines, a point is scored for the successful team and you must all turn around and head back to your own end of the field before the next round can begin. 

Wiggling the barge out of a scrum (you'll see) is a real art. Wiggling adds a little power to your Tug too.

The game is won by the first team to score two points.  

We play every Sunday morning at 11 am SLT.  If you want to watch, click the SLURL below:


If you want to experience relaxed tugging and exploring in our beautiful SL waters, you can get a free tugboat from the vendor at the tugby dock in Santa Cruz.  You're going to need it to get your adrenaline level back to normal after a game!

Well that's about it! Hope you join in and, most importantly, have a good time :-)

NOTE:  Many many thanks to Joepie Korobase for the construction and original scripting of the Tugby Game!