Starbide 431

The only lost cause is the one no one is brave enough to act upon.

Message from Starbide: 


It is a day after election day, and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois has been elected to be America's 44th President, and first Black President. It was a hard fought campaign, and I have no hard feelings for Senator John McCain. He has served our country well, and I have a lot of respect for him. My prediction for the results of the election stand at: McCain, 171; Obama, 367. The actual results, according to CNN, are: McCain, 174; Obama, 364. My predictions were based off of the latest polls for each state, the previous winners of each state, and how the states were leaning throughout the campaign.



With the election only a few weeks away, and the campaign getting uglier, I felt the need to post my latest essay, "America, the Terrorist". It reflects the underlying threat in the comments shouted out by the right wing nut jobs at the recent McCain/Palin rallies. I must warn you right off, I am for the Obama-Biden ticket this election, as is my Youtube partner Draccataura. However, I tried to make the essay nonbiased, and make the point that this is an ethical issue, not a political issue. Give it a read, and post any comments on Draccataura's Youtube homepage.