Welcome to Starbase Phoenix-B!

At the edge of known space, a fire burns to light the way...
Choose your destiny—before it chooses you...

Welcome to Starbase Phoenix, a significant military, political and trading hub of the Delta Quadrant. A play-by e-mail (PBeM) role-playing game (RPG) based on Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek set 400 years into the future, some 40+ years after the shows and movies. We are a diverse group of players/writers from all around the world, dedicated to creative writing in a common narrative setting. This RPG focuses on new characters, new stories and much more on the borders of known space.Starbase Phoenix operates under the auspices of Star Trek: Borderlands which has been around since 1993. We are an international community that come together to share in a fantasy world set in the 25th century Star Trek universe. Each of us writes our own character(s) which are created by the player him or herself. Star Trek: Borderlands offer one of the best quality RPG on the Internet out there today.

On this starbase, you can become part of a large community of military, civilian, dignitary and much more! You can play a Starfleet or Delta Freedom Alliance officer, an ambassador, a shop owner, etc.; you decide! With such a diverse group of players and characters, we have very exciting adventures and stories playing.

Do you want to be your own character on an exciting adventure on the edge of known space? If so, come and make your destiny on Starbase Phoenix!

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