Past Seminars

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2024 Speakers

2023 Speakers

Is AD Leo featuring a polarity reversal of the large-scale magnetic field? Long-term monitoring across near-infrared and optical domains with SPIRou, ESPaDOnS and NARVAL.

Stefano Bellotti

February 20 2023
Recording / fb live

Observing active small bodies with HST and JWST: an examination of the feline-like, cometary byproducts of the planetary formation process

Bryce Bolin
(NASA Goddard)

March 6 2023

Recording / fb live

Aperture Masking Interferometry
with the JWST

Joel Sánchez Bermúdez

March 13 2023

Embargoed for now

Circumbinary discs: Planet formation in a dynamically complex environment

Rebecca Martin
(University of Nevada)

March 27 2023
No recording

ALMA Band 3 Observations of the ONC Proplyds

Nicholas Ballering
(University of Virginia)

April 3 2023
No recording

Orbital Evolution of Giant Planets After the Main Sequence

Nicholas Saunders
(University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)

May 8 2023
No recording

Investigating the link between winds/outflows, disk substructures and protoplanets

Justyn Campbell-White

June 5 2023
No recording

Three Perspectives on Planetary Outflows

Shreyas Vissapragada
(Harvard CfA)

September 5 2023
No recording

Understanding the formation and evolution of exoplanets via transmission spectroscopy

James Kirk
(Imperial College London)

October 9 2023
No recording

Three Perspectives on Planetary Outflows

Shreyas Vissapragada
(Harvard CfA)

September 5 2023
No recording

Constraining the Formation of Directly Imaged Exoplanets Using Instrumentation and Orbit Fitting Techniques

Clarissa Do O
(UC San Diego)

October 30 2023
No recording

Planetary Systems around White Dwarfs

Siyi Xu
(Gemini North)

November 6 2023
No recording

New Views of Debris Disks

David Wilner
(Harvard CfA)

December 4 2023
No recording

Anisotropic Planetary Winds: Insights from the Helium Line

Fabienne Nail
(University of Amsterdam)

December 11 2023
No recording

2022 Speakers

Detecting Potential Biosignatures in the Atmsopheres of Gas Dwarfs with JWST

Caprice Phillips

(Ohio State University)

The hunt 

for  co-orbital planets

Jorge Lillo-Box  (@jlillobox)

(Center for Astrobiology, CSIC-INTA)


Using polluted white dwarfs to understand the bulk composition of exo-planetary material

Laura Rogers

(Univ. of Cambridge)


High Contrast Imaging of Exoplanets with the James Webb Space Telescope

Aarynn Carter (@AarynnCarter)

(UC Santa Cruz)


The Internal Happenings of Dwarf Planet Haumea: Connections to Exoplanet Interiors

Jessica Noviello (@JessicaNoviello)



Two Quick Tales: How Protoplanetary Disks Accrete and Their Evolution into Debris Disks

Joan Najita (NOIRLab)

Monday April 4, 3:30pm EST, co-hosted with the JHU Wine&Cheese,

No recording

Hidden Exoplanet Populations

Recent results from EXPRES spectrograph, plus new method of stacking periodograms to reveal aggregate planetary signals.

Samuel Cabot (Yale)

No recording

Weakened magnetic braking supported by asteroseismic rotation rates of Kepler dwarfs

Oliver Hall (ESA/ESTEC)

April 25 2022

No recording

Multi-scale photometry of Jupiter’s icy moons 

Ines Belgacem (ESA/ESAC)

May 9 2022


Everything you need to know about the future LIFE mission

Daniel Angerhausen, Eleonora Alei, Felix Dannert, Timothy Gebhard

(ETH Zurich )

A Survey of Planet Engulfment Amongst Planet Host Systems

Aida Behmard (Caltech)

Aug 29 2022

Recording / fb live

Observations and Simulations of Accretion in Young, Low-mass Stellar Systems

Connor Robinson (Five College Astronomy Department)

Sept 19 2022

Recording / fb live

The Roman Galactic Exoplanet Survey

Scott Gaudi 


Sept 22 2022

Recording / fb live 

The outer reaches of exo-systems: studying exoplanets, brown dwarfs and debris disks at the widest separations with direct imaging and radial velocities

Elizabeth Matthews

(Observatoire de Genève => MPIA)

October 17 2022

Recording / fb live

Testing Planet Formation Pathways via Disk Observations and Exoplanet Demographics

Ilaria Pascucci 

(University of Arizona)

October 19 2022

No recording

Understanding the Evolution of the Early Solar System through Paleomagnetism of Meteorites

Cauê Borlina 


October 24

Recording / fb live

Characterizing magnetospheric accretion and extinction in Orion OB1b with ULLYSES

Caeley Pittman
(Boston University)

Oct 31 2022 🎃

Recording / fb live

The CUTE CubeSat: A Dedicated Small Satellite Studying Ultra-Hot Jupiters

Arika Egan
(CU Boulder/LASP)

November 7 2022

not recorded

Understanding the multiplicity of stars in the field using Monte Carlo simulations 

Rebecca Houghton
(University of Sheffield)

November 21 2022


The Stable Climate of KELT-9b

Kathryn Jones
(University of Bern)

December 1 2022


Characterizing  Protoplanetary Disks Using ALMA and 2D Thermo-chemical models

Jenny Calahan 
(University of Michigan)

December 5 2022

Recording / fb live

Observations and characterization of young giant exoplanets with JWST/MIRI

Mathilde Mâlin
(Observatoire de Paris Meudon) 

December 16 2022

fb live / recording

Population Studies of Exoplanet Atmospheres with HST WFC3 

Billy Edwards
(University College London)

December 16 2022

fb live / recording

From HST to JWST - New tools to analyse exoplanet spectroscopic observations from space

Angelos Tsiaras
(Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri)

December 16 2022

fb live / recording, starts at 29:20

Automated Search for Exocomet Transits in HARPS

Raphael Bendahan-West
(U. Warwick)

December 19 2022

recording / fb live

2021 Speakers

Evolution of LyA Radiation in Protoplanetary Gas Disks

Nicole Arulanantham



Time-resolved velocity dynamics in hot planet atmospheres

Wilson Cauley

(LASP/CU Boulder)


The Great Escape: High-energy environment and atmospheric evolution of exoplanets

Leonardo dos Santos



Surveying the Trans-Neptunian Solar System with TESS 

Malena Rice



On the origin of metal pollution in white dwarf atmospheres

Raúl Maldonado Sánchez



Brown dwarfs binaries: from statistics to formation and evolution

Clémence Fontanive



Furthering the Exploration of Triton: The Trident Discovery Mission Concept

Carly Howett


Recording (not posted)

An HST Survey of Protostellar Outflow Cavities: Does Feedback Clear Envelopes?

Nolan Habel

(U Toledo)


Extremely Precise Radial Velocities: The EXPRES Pipeline

Thea Kozakis



Constraining the compostion of planetary material around white dwarf stars

Amy Steele



Extremely Precise Radial Velocities: The EXPRES Pipeline

Maria Steinrueck

(Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona)


Deeper Looks at Several Unique Roman Telescope Coronagraph Targets

Prabal Saxena

(NASA/Goddard, Univ of. Maryland)


Gemini-LIGHTS: a new unbiased polarized light survey of protoplanetary disks around intermediate mass stars

Evan Rich 

(University of Michigan)


Simulating the Effects of Outer Giant Planets on Inner Super-Earths with In Situ Formation Models 

Phoebe Sandhaus

 (Pennsylvania State University)


High-contrast integral field spectropolarimetry of planet-forming disks  

Kellen Lawson 

(University of Oklahoma)


Moderate Resolution Spectroscopy of Directly Imaged Planets 

Kielan Hoch (Wilcomb)

University of San Diego


Chemistry of Embedded Disks: Prevalent Complex Organic Molecules and Shock-excited Sulfur-bearing Molecules

Yao-Lun Yang

(Univ. Virginia)


Detecting variability in late-T Brown Dwarfs

Natalia Lucía Oliveros Gómez

(Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia => Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico)


2020 Speakers

Experimental investigations and astronomical observations of interstellar ices

Danna Qasim 



Snow in California: CO and Dust in a Cold Giant Molecular Cloud

John A. Lewis



Chronology of the Earliest Formed Solids in the Protosolar Disk

Prajkta Mane

(Lunar and Planetary Institute/NASA Johnson Space Center)


System architectures as fossils of brown dwarf and giant planet formation

Daniella Bardalez-Gagliuffi

(American Museum of Natural History)


Extremely Precise Radial Velocities: The EXPRES Pipeline

Ryan Petersburg 

(Yale University)


A Thousand Earths: An Atmospheric Biosignature Survey with a Novel Space Observatory

Daniel Apai

(U. of Arizona)


Image Reconstruction in Infrared Interferometry

Joel Sanchez Bermudez


Recording (starts at 6:20)

An ALMA Survey of H2CO in Protoplanetary Disks

Jamila Pegues

(CfA / Harvard)


Terrestrial Planet Formation and the Early Instability Scenario

Matthew Clement
(Carnegie DTM)

No recording 

A number of seminars were held prior to 2019 but we do not have recordings