St Anthony of Padua

Our Shrine is dedicated to St Anthony of Padua.

St Anthony is one of the most popular Catholic saints and is the Patron Saint of "Lost Things".

Legend has it that one day St Anthony found a lone child, took him in his arms and tried to find his home. When the approached a church the child said I live here and promptly disappeared. It was an apparition of the baby Jesus.

St Anthony was the son of wealthy parents in Portugal and was born in Lisbon in 1195 as Fernando Martins.  At the age of 15 he entered the order of St Augustine a studious and scholarly order. However he was inspired by the martyrdom of 5 Franciscan priests in Morocco and became a Franciscan in 1119.

He too traveled to Morocco to preach but became ill was to return to Portugal.  However storms forced his ships diversion to Italy where he was nursed back to health by the local Franciscans. It was there that his talent for preaching was uncovered and he traveled far and wide throughout Italy preaching the word of God. St Anthony became a revered preacher and many (crowds of up to 30,000) sought to hear his preaching.

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