Novena to St Anthony


On the Tuesday following the death of St. Anthony the people of Padua carried his body to its last resting-place in the church of our Blessed Lady, which was attached to the Franciscan friars at Padua. The occasion was marked by great splendor and enthusiasm, and the cortege moved through the city to the music of bells and joyous hymns. The day was marked, too, by an extraordinary number of miracles. The biographers of the saint tell us that “the blind regained their sight, the deaf their hearing, and the lame the use of their limbs. Every grace and favor asked for in faith and confidence was granted.” The people were so impressed by the wonderful things they had witnessed that they began to observe Tuesdays as days of special devotion in honor of their saint. However, as time went on the practice fell into disuse until, in 1616, St. Anthony himself revived it in the form of a novena of nine consecutive Tuesdays. In response to the prayers of a childless couple, he appeared to the wife and bade her visit his altar and pray before it on nine consecutive Tuesdays. This she did, and in the course of time became a mother.

The Novena is held at St Anthony's Shrine every Tuesday.
Mass starts at 7 pm followed by the Novena and blessing of the bread and children. 
All are welcome.
Mark J,
Dec 5, 2014, 11:01 PM