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  Stanford Friedman
Agnes De Mille: Telling Stories in Broadway Dance
- Talkin' Broadway
Agnes was not only the niece of Cecil B., she was the daughter of silent film director William C. de Mille. Thus, at an early age, she understood the power of delivering a story using only movement, physical expression, and music. (more)

Then and Now: a Memoir, by Barbara Cook - Talkin' Broadway
The what and where of Then & Now spans a childhood that seems like something out of Tennessee Williams, a stellar Broadway musical career, an alcohol-fueled down and out period, and a rebirth as one of the most celebrated cabaret artists of her generation.

Recent Theater Reviews

The Iceman Cometh - The Front Row Center
Fear, despair and cowardice are the bar snacks of choice at Harry Hope’s, that seedy “no chance saloon” and flophouse that the tragic drunks of The Iceman Cometh call home. In this distinguished and exuberant Broadway revival of the 1939 O'Neill classic, the denizens of Harry’s inhabit a perpetual fugue state, circa 1912, where yesterday was the best of times and tomorrow is the reason to drink away tonight.

Dido of Idaho - OffOffOnline
During two acts, separated by a lengthy intermission, Dido careens from high-minded laughs to cutthroat rage to soft-edged dreamscape with Rosebrock embracing feminism even as she skewers it. She takes the work of Virgil, spikes it with shards of Edward Albee, doses it with a shot of Tennessee Williams, then shifts that whole male canon of Western thinking into a female perspective. .

Type Casting
- Visual Thesaurus, 1/24/12
The dissection of written works is the lifeblood of both the biting comedy Seminar, by Theresa Rebeck, and Margaret Edson's devastating drama Wit. (more)

Back to the Future - Library Journal cover story, 7/14/2011
They came wearing bow ties and fancy hats, skinny jeans and peasant blouses. They came armed with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. On the evening of Friday, May 20, 500 young adults gathered at the New York Public Library (NYPL) to do what no one had done before. (more)

London Times obituaries:

Robert Giroux, London Times, 9/8/2008 

Robert Giroux lived a life of books but that does not mean he was stuck behind a desk. He was at the Oak Bar in New York's Plaza Hotel the time T.S. Eliot sang an impromptu rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy. He once finessed his way through an ostentation of peacocks at Flannery O'Connor’s farm in Milledgeville, Georgia. (more)

Roger Straus, London Times, 6/1/2004

Roger Straus was the ultimate man in the middle. As the second of three children born into a family of extreme wealth, he would grow a fortune of his own by becoming the linchpin of Farrar, Straus & Giroux. (more)

God's Gift to Women, a novel
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