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Stan's Home For Wayward Plants

This page has pictures of plants that we have taken in, off the streets.  They have lived lives of dissipation and degradation.  This is often due to not drinking, a common malady among the weak.  Their eating habits are usually poor and they often associate with rascally and scoundrelly weeds, companions that have no decent interest in the well being of naive, innocent plants.  Is it 10 o'clock?  Do you know where your plants are?
Look at this poor couple.  Red bromiliad above could not hold herself up when we got her.  She was constantly slouching to the side.  And the guy below her.  Look how dried out he is.  He could use a good stiff drink, couldn't he?  Of course, it didn't help that we forgot that we had bought him home and left him by the side of the shed for almost a week.

See those shy girls peeking out of that blue tub?  Sweet cornflowers.  I think. Or maybe not (aren't cornflowers blue?)  They are doing real well now.  Unfortunately the stalk in the middle is from a homeless ginger plant.  We took her in and gave her all of the TLC that we could.  As she floundered, we started a deathbed vigil hoping for a miracle.  But after a couple of days she finally gave up.  So we took the clippers and... Well, you know the rest of the tragic story. 

Now, look at these three beauties.  Loverly aren't they?  Once they were on the Road to Ruin but now they have embraced the Light.  Sunlight that is.  At least part of the day.  You see, they are on the west side of the lanai, and the sun shines on them once it has reached a certain height in the sky, unless it is a cloudy day or...oh, never mind.

Please.  Keep track of your plants.  Or they may end up like these plants, trying to resurrect their lives, standing humbled and embarrassed in front of other plants and mumbling softly, "I'm Violet and I am a Wayward Plant."
(Chorus) "Hi, Violet!"