Stan and Rene, Wedding Day, December 11, 1977


Welcome to my Google website as of 12/15/2011. I have not done a lot of work here lately.  I've concentrated on the new website. 

There is a nice interview featuring me at  This was part of a contest where fifty winners receive a copy of The Colors of Passion and Love.  Please take a look at it and while you are there, check out the items he has for sale.  Thank you very much, Terry.

Since there are not many free books here anymore, I'm building a new website.  You can find it here;

The Colors of Passion and Love is now available at Amazon and at Smashwords.  

I finished reading The Comforts of Home by Jodi Thomas.  My review of this book is here;

An updated report on our solar installation is here

The Blank Checklist has been updated.  The Jayne Ann Krentz book list has been updated.

There is a new epublisher out there,  Here is a link to SSA from them.

Here is an author Q and A (with Stan Morris featured as the author) from

Here is a self review of "Surviving the Fog" at an indie author review site.  Warning: spoiler alert.

The NewBookReview reprinted a review of "Surviving the Fog."

Sadly, there have been no reviews of "Sarah's Spaceship Adventure" at Smashwords or at Amazon.  I'm concerned that some of my books are listed as "Children's Literature" at iTunes.  My books are aimed at older teens and young adults, not children.

My most visited page is the Blank Checklist page, however a few months ago, Google changed how the page was displayed and consequently the traffic dropped to zero.  I'm not sure it will come back.

Off and on, I've been working on another book in the Mackenzie's Rock series, "Jara Mackenzie Versus the Planet Marl."  I've also been working on a book about the eldest Mackenzie sister, "Captain Mackenzie and the Last Chance Spaceship," but the book I'm working on lately is actually the first book in the series, "Julee Mackenzie and the First Officer."  (I've changed the name a half dozen times so far.)

I listed SSA for $2.99 at Amazon and $2.99 at Smashwords.  I hate to jack up the price this way, but if I set the price at $2.99 at Amazon, I get a higher percentage, and they don't like me to undercut their price at other venues.  I promise to write a free story after that and maybe one for $1.

"The Colors of Passion and Love," is about a girl who can see the colors in the aura of the men around her.  When she meets the man of her destiny, she knows which of those colors correspond to a particular emotion that he is feeling.  I'm not going to share that one just yet, except very selectively.  If you would like to read a couple of draft chapters, please email me at

"Sarah's Spaceship Adventure," is a story about a girl that sneaks away from her house one night to go joyriding in her boyfriend's space yacht.  She discovers that he is not as nice as she had thought, and then things get ugly, and then they get better, except that Sarah is now off to the asteroid belt on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Sometimes writers could use some shortcuts.  Here is a Google spreadsheet that will let you enter your characters and set their traits such as hair color, age, eye color, etc.  You can find it here.

Is English your second language?  Are you reading this in a country that does not speak English?  Would you like to translate, "Surviving the Fog," into your native language and sell the book in your country?  And keep the money?  Please write and tell me about yourself first.  My email address is

Here is a page with links to video clips of Maui.

My Farm Photos are under My Garden Universe.  Do you need a single page calendar for one of the next several years?  Look at the Year Calendars page.  

Unfortunately, I have to say that my ebooks are copyrighted material.  I'm saying this because my books have shown up on eBay a couple of times.  I give you the right to use this under a Creative Commons license.  Check it out here;

You can download my free ebooks from various sites.  You can give those ebooks away.  Just make sure that you give me credit.  Don't change anything.  Don't write a story based on my stories without asking permission first.  You might even be allowed to sell this ebook and keep the proceeds.  You must email me and ask permission first.

I have a page that lists, "The Short Stories of Robert Heinlein", one of my favorite authors.

"How to Pot Plumeria Cuttings," is a Google Knol.  I'm not sure how much longer it will be available since Google has announced that they are killing the Knol pager in 2012.  You will find it in, My Garden Universe.  And don't miss "Stan's Home For Wayward Plants," in My Garden Universe.

Where do I live? Omaopio, Maui.  Click the My Maui Stuff link to see info about Omaopio and to check the daily Omaopio weather information.

Here is a suggestion for your desktop wall paper.