CERT Training Day and Disaster Simulation

Who: Anyone 14 and over (with parent’s permission) who wants to become CERT trained for their family and community

When: see www.Tooeleready.org for dates    

Time: Sat 7:00 am -5:00 pm  (bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks)

Where:  Tooele County Emergency Operations Center, 15 East 100 South, Tooele  

Cost: $48.00 (Includes CERT Protective Equipment and supplies for the class)



What you need to do:

·   You need to give yourself time to take the course before the training day. This CANNOT be done the night before. You need to give yourself at least 10 hours in all to get the online parts done this can be done in little sections at a time, but it needs to ALLbe done.

·   Complete the Introduction to CERT course IS 317 on the internet. This is imperative. You must complete the online part before you take the Hands On Training part.  Be sure to print your certificate when you have completed the training.  https://training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=is-317

·  Watch 2 CERT Videos on YouTube and answer the question sheets.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwV3e1XfIF0  – CERT in Action (19:13) 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpfdujyk3eA - CERT Training: Disaster Psychology (43:14)

Question sheets can be downloaded from www.tooeleready.org

·  Answer Knowing Beforehand Sheet, Videos sheet, and Registration, Code of Conduct, & Liability  forms  Downloaded from CERT page on www.tooeleready.org 

·   Print and complete the Personal and Family Preparedness sheet. Link at www.tooeleready.org

· Refgister and pay for course on Eventbrite Go to www.tooeleready.org for link

·   Participate in the training on the 17th. This is the hands on CERT activities and skills including participation in the disaster simulation . (It will be a very full, fun day on Saturday).
·   Bring your certificate from the online course,  Application and Waiver Form,  Videos question sheet,  the Volunteer Code of Conduct form, and Personal and Family Preparedness Sheet  receipt from Eventbrite on Saturday morning
·   Wear sturdy, comfortable clothing that can get dirty and sturdy shoes to the Skills Day on Saturday. (No shorts, sandals, flip flops, or hanging jewelry)

At the end of the skills day you will be CERT trained!



Sessions: “Hands On” Classes Taught


·      Fire Suppression – PASS, Practice putting out fires

·      Medical Operations 1 –  Treat for 3 killers-Not Breathing, Excessive Bleeding, Shock, Head Tilt Chin Lift, Triage, Head to toe Assessment, Special Considerations for Head and neck injuries,

·      Medical Operations 2 – Bandaging, Impalements, Burns, Splinting, Setting up a Treatment Site

·      S&R – Size Up, Triangulation, and Searching left to right, Marking the Door, Extrication, Cribbing exercise

·      CERT Org and Disaster Psychology – ICS, Documentation, Local Org, Briefing, Post Debriefing, Believe Video, Children, Death, What to say and What not to say

·      Review and Disaster Simulation – We will work through the simulation at least 2 times.

·     Discussion and Clean up – Everyone will be asked to help clean up
·     Certificates

Attendees of CERT Skills Day Need :

Other Useful Supplies to acquire after training

·      CERT Protective Equipment (Pick up at Skills Day)

·      Duct Tape

·      Notepad and Pencil/Pen

·      Triage Tape

·      Black Marker

·      Splinting materials

·      Headlamp

·      Protective Gloves (Vinyl)

·      Sturdy Clothes

·      Scissors

·      Sturdy Shoes

·      Blankets


·      First Aid Supplies


      Roller Gauze             Triangle Bandages


      Sterile Gauze Pads    Bandage Tape

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