Skills Review through Disaster Simulation Drill
If you are CERT trained and you would like to review the skills learned you can attend the skills drill on September 20th. All CERT trained people are invited to attend. It will be in Herriman at  Fire Station 123. Lunch will be served. Registration for this event is required. Information can be found on:

Staging and Communication Drill 
 Next year around April 17th - Community Communication Drill is for everyone to practice their communication plan. Everyone should report to their Block Captain if you know who it is or report to the nearest CERT Trained Person or Staging Area. CERT trained people should report to their staging area for a discussion on a scenario that will be at the Staging Site. Each family should practice and talk about their Communication plans in case of a disaster. Each family can practice Duck Cover and Hold as actions to take during an earthquake. At each staging area there will be an envelope, if there is no CERT people there put a message that you reported into the envelope and you can leave any feed back that you would like to give.
All CERT trained people are invited to a Hot Wash (discussion about drill) at 11:00 at the Galley Lane Park.
Please help spread the word about this drill to your friends and neighbors. If you don't know your Block Captain please inquire with your Unit Leaders. Their contact information is listed on CERT Unit Leader Contacts. If you have questions contact Robin Frederickson at robin.stansburyparkcert@gmail.com
 This drill is to practice getting communication to CERT who can help and to other leaders. Everyone is asked to report to their Block Captain if they know of theirs if not they are asked to report to the CERT staging area to let them know of your status. There are different scenarios that are scattered through out the commmunity and we are trying to see that communication gets to CERT trained people so that in a real disaster help can be rendered if they know where and what through communication. Your time to participate in this drill is needed and appreciated. The staging areas are found at most parks and churches. There is a list of CERT staging areas below. If there is not a CERT trained person at the staging area leave a note inside the envelope that will be there and leave any feedback that you wish to give. The time of the drill is 10:30a.m. If you have any questions please e-mail robin.stansburyparkcert@gmail.com and you may contact your CERT Unit Leader for more information.



Staging Areas


Ponderosa Unit

Ponderosa Park

Symphony Homes Park


Picket Lane Unit

Interlochen Lane Church on Green area in front on west side



Galley Lane Park

Regetta Soccer Park on East side by parking lot


Country Crossing Unit

South Parking lot green area at the Church on Village Blvd


Gordon Lane Unit

Woodland Park by Basket Ball Court


Stansbury Village Unit

Green Area by Golf Maintenance Shop

Park area behind Fairway Lane


Stansbury Unit

Park at Tennis Courts

Dinosaur Park

South Corner of Sledding Hill


Stansbury Lake Unit

Park area at the Basketball Court on Lakeview


Bayshore Unit

Church on Bayshore


Captains Island Unit

Park on North end of island

Causeway on Lakeview on the south side


Benson Mill Unit

Church off of Stansbury Park Way

Pavillions across from Benson Grist Mill


Mill Pond Unit

Green Area infront of Heritage West 

Green Area on Del Gada on east end

Green area by Condos


Porter Way Unit

Porter Way Church on south of Parking Lot


Lake Point Unit

Church Parking Lot


Big Canyon Unit


Erda Unit

Erda Fire Station


Silver Spur Unit


Batesville Unit


Rose Springs Unit


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