Stansbury Park CERT is selling


Stansbury Park CERT is bringing you

SOLAR LIGHTS for your disaster storage and to
help us raise some much needed funds!

We are privileged to partner with Millard CERT Association for such a wonderful product! We are trying to raise money for some supplies that SP CERT needs.

Check out to read more about this product.

These three types of lights are flown all over the world to disaster ravaged areas; and areas with no electricity. These lights can take real abuse and still work perfectly. The S300 model comes with a USB output, a solar panel and 5 adapters for IPhones, smartphones and cell phones.   Place your order today! Please see order sheet.

S2: reading solar light, $13.00 each, reg. $13.95

S20: lantern solar light, $18.00 each, reg. $18.95

S300: large flashlight with solar panel and 5 charging adapters, $39.00 each reg. $49.99

** No shipping / No tax **       

There are limited quantities left. Please contact Robin if you want to order.


 (The lights you order must be picked up. You cannot have them shipped. So if you are from a different town you need to have a Tooele County contact that will pick them up and can sign for you.)



Robin Frederickson,
Oct 20, 2013, 3:58 PM