"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
-Ludwig Wittgenstein
Who are we?
St. Ann's Adult ESL is a non-profit school for adult immigrants and refugees. We are a group of educators dedicated to helping our community through education, teamwork, and friendship. We believe that language functions as a gateway to enter into any community and that community can only be strong if we are strong together. 

What do we do?
As educators, we connect language learning to the lives of our students through comprehensive night classes. We take a personal approach which includes understanding our student's language goals and providing safe environments for our students to thrive.

As students, we bring a culturally diverse background and range of skills.  As we grow in our language abilities we also grow as members of our community. Also, with our powers combined, we will have the best potlucks ever.

How can I help?
A community can produce only if people put the time and effort into it. Our school is no different and our success relies on the strength and generosity of the people we serve. Help can be as simple as a friendly word to us and to our students, donating school supplies, or even just donating your time and energy.

For more information, please click the "Get Involved" link above and thank you for taking the time to help.