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Wanted: photographs of the Stanmer Old Stable Block interior

posted Feb 18, 2017, 9:59 AM by SPS Stanmer Preservation Society

SPS has won the chance to gather evidence to reconstruct the old stabling. Can you help?

When Mike Holland was finally granted planning permission for the conversion of the old stable block to dwellings in 2012 there was one part of the remaining stabling that was to be retained and not converted, as it was considered to have considerable historic value. In addition, an adjoining area was to be converted into a cycle store for the buildings. These were conditions of the permission. 

The stabling was considered so valuable as it was a very rare original example of a change in the way that horses were managed in the late 18thC, in that these were internal loose-boxes which effectively provided a chill-out zone for foaling mares, or horses such as heavy hunters who needed a recuperation period after unaccustomed strenuous exercise.

In spite of this, Mr Holland went ahead and converted this area of the Old Stable Block into a studio flat, and turned the planned cycle store into the kitchen and ensuite. He applied in August 2016 for retrospective permission for this work and a relocation of the proposed cycle store to the old boiler room (museum).

On Thursday 9th February SPS spoke at South Downs National Park Authority against this application, requesting that the committee postponed their decision until further information could be obtained about how this stabling and its fitting looked before conversion took place, with the aim of a possible re-construction, which is within their remit.

You will be pleased to know that the planning committee were prepared to support this request and SPS will be working with the planning officers to gather as much information as possible about the stabling, with a view to requiring Mr Holland to install a reconstruction of the old stabling destroyed during the conversion.

If you have any information, photographs or memories about the stabling please let us know as soon as possible!