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Preserving trees at Stanmer - update

posted Feb 2, 2017, 11:37 AM by Al Brookes
Over the past few weeks, some of the trees in Stanmer Park have been decked with white ribbons. These were attached by Stanmer Preservation Society and members of the public to draw attention to trees that might be felled or moved in plans proposed by Brighton and Hove County Council’s Parks Project to restore part of Stanmer to an 18th century layout.

Some of these trees are memorial trees, planted by friends and family in memory of loved ones. Others are simply established trees that members of the public appreciate and do not wish to lose. The ribbons have generated public awareness and concern.

The Council has now assured the SPS that without agreement from donors, no memorial tree will be felled or moved

A spokesperson from the council said;

“Where we are unable to identify the donor, the tree will remain and in all scenarios, agreement with the donors will be a prerequisite before taking any action.”

With this assurance, the SPS supports the council’s action to remove the ribbons from the memorial trees and replace them with a notice encouraging owners to contact the Parks Project Team regarding the Stanmer Park restoration proposals.

With regard to other trees in the park, The Council says that the SPS and other stakeholders will be involved in discussions going forward and over the course of the restoration, the Restoration Project will be planting at least 250 new trees back into the Stanmer landscape.

SPS Chair, Al Brookes, looks forward to further discussion. “Stanmer has been neglected for too long and is in significant need of investment – and this project is an opportunity to see some positive developments. There may be plenty more discussion, challenge and debate to come, but the SPS will be working closely with Cityparks and other stakeholders to ensure we get the best possible future for the park we all value so much.”

Further details about the broader Restoration Project can be found at the Parks and green spaces web page

If you have any queries about specific trees in Stanmer, you can contact the Parks Project Team at or call 01273 293 007.