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New car park and access road at T-junction

posted Jan 30, 2019, 8:03 AM by Stanmer Preservation Society
The SPS is concerned that plans for a new road, passed in 2016 and about to be tick-boxed away, will cause harm to the rural character and setting of Stanmer Church and the Park. The projected extra visitor numbers, from 500,000 to 750,000 annually, ie 700 extra visitors per day to the new facilities, seem overly optimistic and we would hope that the new road and car park were not based on these unrealistic projected visitor numbers. 
Even at this late stage, we would encourage a rethink with perhaps the continued use of the existing road past the Stable Block, as has been suggested by Historic England.
This is a blow up of the Masterplan showing the new access road at the T-junction, which has been moved nearer the church as a result of our successful campaign to save the tulip tree.
At the very least, we feel there should be some attempt to inform the public of plans that will destroy the rural heart of Stanmer Park. 

The original plans for the new car park were approved in 2016 and can be found on the SDNP Planning Portal, SDNP/16/03927/FUL, with the direct link to the new car park here SDNP_16_03927_FUL-LANDSCAPE_PROPOSALS_-_NEW_JUNCTION-773673.pdf for you to Copy and Paste. Here's a screen grab for ease of access.

The role of the SPS is to protect and preserve the unique heritage of this once important Estate and we are horribly aware that any loss of heritage is irrevocable and must be robustly justified.