O amaar noyon moni
Bengali Folk song
Lyrics: Nilanjana Stanley
Music and vocals: Stanley Stephen, Nilanjana

A village in India. An idyllic morning. The wife awakes and goes about her chores. The husband wants to cuddle. He sings:

"O gem of my eye, you take my breath away
I have never seen such beauty anywhere..

Angel Child
English Lullaby
Lyrics, Music and Vocals: Stanley Stephen

Incredible things are possible when you know how to use your imagination.
This song wasn't planned. I didn't think it was possible to actually feel something so beautiful so early in life. But, it came one late evening. Fully formed.

For a moment, I experienced the sweet tears of a father on the eve of his daughter's wedding.

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Gumsum gumsum
Original Song: A. R. Rahman from the album ADA
Remixed by: Stanley Stephen

There was a remix contest in 2008 launched by Nokia and Big Music. I put this track together in an afternoon just in time to send it off to Mumbai. Nobody knows what happened to the contest. Everything about it disappeared after the end of submission.

But I had a lot of fun doing this track. In hindsight, I should have taken more time...
Kerala Boat Song
Folk music
Original Song: Traditional folk song of Kerala
Interpreted by: Stanley Stephen

This was an experiment to see how a folk song would sound if you changed a few notes of the melody and introduced harmonic elements. This track is not perfect but I got the sense that a lot can be done in this direction.

Songs of Kabir
Vocals: Keertana S. K.
Piano: Stanley Stephen

This was the result of my music therapy sessions. We recorded this live. 

House Mix
Music: Stanley Stephen

Why shouldn't a gentle guy make some noise? I had a blast doing this one.

Indian Melody
Music: Stanley Stephen

This melody is about a yearning for home, the place where we are free from all these constraints and burdens and where our wounds have time to heal. I did not intend to put in words but I ended up singing whatever syllables came to mind. It may not make any sense but I guess it captured the essence of what I felt at that time.