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It was on July 19th, my birthday, when the "Opening Day Ceremonies" of the 1996 Summer Olympics began in Atlanta, Georgia, notably viewed as a city of black people. It was on my birthday of July 19th, when our U.S. Stock Market first reached its historic high peek of 14,000 points, and I have long been noted for a startup (70) billion dollar permanent (nationwide) jobs creating plan, entitled, "Project Safer America." Where are the landlords? It's their market.

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My grandmother's maiden name was Mathis, and my grandfather's surname was Justice. And with all the subliminal attention given to what I say, and do, I'm left asking, "Were my descendants black Hebrew Israelites, or black Jews from the tribe of Judah?"

I'm currently experiencing the wrath of hateful from Hollywood directors, producers, writers, kings, queens, political, business, cults, and religious leaders, because, many are aware of the fact I've offered to take a "Lie Detector Test" in proving to the nonbelievers, that, starting on July 7th, 2007, I was driven by the Holy Spirit (many believe doesn't exist) for 60 straight days, all day, and given the "understanding of Jesus' parables," but no one has requested a Lie Detector Test of me. So all will know that the Spirit of God is real, to this day, I've seldom read the Bible.

So, if the Lords words aren't true, well then, why is it that many of my faith blogs are listed #1 in Bing, Yahoo!, and Google, after, my 60 days experience with the Lord of Hosts? I didn't seek after, or ask for revelations in my 1987 prayer and covenant in Seagoville F.C.I. with God. After being railroaded back into federal incarceration, in 1987, I thought about my mother's unjust shame, and decided to reach for the stars, making positive contributions, while relying on my G.E.D. scores for aspiration. 

Upon receiving my G.E.D. Test Scores in front of all of my fellow inmates, in 1984, our preparer, Mr. Lackey informed me, that, out of all the people who took the test, nationally, I had one of the highest scores in the area of "Reading Comprehension." As I stood up to receive my scores from Mr. Lackey, God made me state, that, "When these white folks let me out this time, I'm going to straight up and act like i got some sense, and become a great man in American history by offering some solutions to these problems we face." 

Later that day, when I called my mother to share my aspirations with her, I'm not going to lie, she cursed me out, and that wasn't pleasant. Because i promised God that I would only listen to the "Good Spirit" in me, now, I still came out telling everyone that I was going to become a great man in American history. I also asked Him to place wise men in my life to encourage me when family close their ears to me, and it all happened like I believed it would. After teaching me business plans, and such, the Lord, in 2007, paid me a visit on 07/07/2007, kept this heathen in His Bible for the next 60 days, and spoke over scriptures through my right hand. I learned that from Him.

Since 2007, after publishing what I know, now, are revelations from God, first, at MyFox4New around October 8th of 2007, my faith blogs have been indexed in the "Top 2" position of relevance when searching Yahoo!, and Bing for "accurate understanding of end times". It's been an extraordinary, but very frightening experience, learning from Jewish men of whom I might be descendant to? I'm also fascinated with all the hate and threats of revenge toward me for my believing Yeshua, who was filled with the Holy Spirit. He was the last Prophet.

But what fascinates the Catholic Church, and our United States government most about this Stanley Mathis (spelled with 13 letters), as appose to the other Stanley Wayne Mathis (spelled with 18 letters) who was offered a part in the Broadway play, "Lion King," is that, on July 19th, 1952, at 11:40 PM, some Air Traffic Controllers in the Washington, D.C. area identified UFO's on radar that were later recorded hovering near the White House in the form of eleven flying saucers. It was an historic event that frighten many American viewers who witnessed it.

Harry Truman was President, and confessed to the existence of UFO's to all Americans who didn't see them. The next historic encounter one of our Presidents was suppose to have had, to sign a Treaty with Aliens, was on October 16th, 1957, the year I was born, and the year God came in the form of a frightening tornado, like a whirlwind, in Dallas, Texas, where I was raised.

Downloaded from Ancestry.Com, I want to invite you to click on the following link (slide the page over to the right and scroll down) to view how my great, great grandfather's name, Cain Mathis, was marked with the number 77767 after taking the 1920 U.S. Census of his household. My great, great grandfather was a retail merchant, and owned a couple of grocery stores on over 600 acres of land. My mother's father, Johnny Justice, was also a business man. Marked?


Rosetta Stone found — This Day in History — 7/19/1799

Incarcerated three times, now, I know I am blessed to have a biographical is listing in the 2002 edition of Marquis Who's Who in America, and the 1992-93 edition of Marquis Who's Who Among Young American Professionals. My poems, My First LoveThe U.S. of A. FlagAmerica's TeamThe U.S. of A. Liberty, and My Sweet Wonder, in 2013, appraised at $200.00 Fair Market Value, while receiving a Replacement Cost of $400.00, when offering autographed 24 x 30 inch Limited Edition prints. 

In 1992, I received an invite from Washington Post Journalist, the late Jack Anderson, who sat as Chairman of the Board for the International Platform Association, the oldest, and one of the most prestigious and influential international associations in the United States, founded, in 1831, by Daniel Webster and Josiah Holbrook as the American Lyceum Association.

Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and 10 others are members. Henry Kissinger, Dr. Martin Luther King, Victor Borge, Pearl Bailey, Liv Ullmann, Admiral Stansfield Turner, Lowell Thomas, Jesse Jackson, Barbara Walters, and many other great speakers are also members. Many IPA members from an era passed are still living.

Stanley_Mathis_US_Department_Of_Labor_Jobs_Creation_Response_Letter.jpg Stanley_Mathis_Cedar_Hill_Texas_Goodwill_Ambassador_Award.jpg Stanley_Mathis_International_Platform_Association_Invite_.jpg

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Yahoo!, Bing, and Google, these last four years, has indexed a plan I authored to create permanent nationwide jobs in their #1 position of relevance on the keyword phrase,"best permanent jobs creating plans," while indexing another one of my blog offering, entitled, the "best plans for our nation's homeless" in their "Top 2" position of relevance, as well. 

And because the Dallas Cowboys Football Club sold (148) framed copies of my poem, America's Team, throughout their pro shops, in 1997, it was on my birthday, again, when the first sporting event was played in the "New Cowboys Stadium". It was also on July 19th, 2010, when the Dallas Cowboys last played in the Hall Of Fame game. And finally, it was on July 19th, 2012, when Great Britain purchased 48 fighter planes from a manufacturer in the Dallas metropolitain area. The number 48 is sybolic of GB being the leader of the 12 tribes of Israel.

I learned, on December 31, 2014, that, my father died on December 4, 2005. I was released from doing 18 months state jail time on December 5, 2005. Coincident? No.

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