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The plundering of my Mathis family estates (as retail merchants and land owners) goes back to 1920 that I've documented. It's a rigged system.

Texas State Senator, Ted Cruz, who represents District 33, pointing to my current 75233 zip code area, a District not long created, speak much about their merciful god of the Christian church, but the planned murder of two Louisiana born black men is the real reason why the wicked religious leaders of Texas has metaphorically transformed Dallas into Egypt, to fit in Revelation 11:7, with the world's largest gay church, located, in Dallas, Texas, representing ISIS in the arch form, and all the arched bridges connecting our Caucasian communities to minority communities. I know some powerful Jews are behind it all. And I never met one I didn't like.

So Why Are The Jewish Leaders Out To Harm Me? I've Met Prophets!

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There are 13 leaves on the left olive branch with 13 berries. 13 stripes on the middle shield. 13 arrows on the right. 13 stars above the eagles head. 13 letters in the "E Pluribus Unum" on the ribbon. 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis. There are 13 blocks top to bottom on the pyramid. Fritz Springmeir in his The 13 Bloodlines says these 13 blocks represent the 13 Satanic family's. And none are black. But my grandfather was Freemason. The Masons, the Catholic Church, and the Jews, marked me, and left me as an open target for murderers. Perhaps there are prophets among them?

It was on July 19th, my birthday, when the "Opening Day Ceremonies" of the 1996 Summer Olympics began in Atlanta, Georgia, notably viewed as a city of black people. It was on my birthday of July 19th, when our U.S. Stock Market first reached its historic high peek of 14,000 points, though, unknown to you, I have long been noted for a startup (70) billion dollar permanent (nationwide) jobs creating plan that Google has indexed #1 for over 13 years, entitled, "Project Safer America." 

Stanley_Mathis_US_Department_Of_Labor_Jobs_Creation_Response_Letter.jpg Stanley_Mathis_Cedar_Hill_Texas_Goodwill_Ambassador_Award.jpg Stanley_Mathis_International_Platform_Association_Invite_.jpg

"And it shall be in that day that

every prophet will be ashamed of

his vision when he prophesies;

they will not wear a robe of

coarse hair to deceive."

Zechariah 13:4


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Nonbelieving spiritual leaders are fascinated with all the signs around the day of my birth. But what probably fascinates them the most, is the event that started on July 19th, 1952, at 11:40 PM, when some Air Traffic Controllers in the Washington, D.C. area identified UFO's on radar that were later recorded hovering near the White House in the form of eleven flying saucers. A historic event that frighten many American viewers who witnessed it.

Harry Truman was President, and confessed to the existence of UFO's to all Americans who didn't see them. The next historic encounter one of our Presidents was suppose to have had, to sign a Treaty with Aliens, was on October 16th, 1957, the year I was born, and the year the Spirit came in the form of a frightening tornado, like a whirlwind, in Dallas, Texas, where I was raised.  

With that said, I'd like to share some things with you. In the early morning of July 7th, 2007, the Lord of hosts--a Spirit of Truth hidden within the hearts of many Caucasians--paid me a visit. He, the only One Teacher that Yeshua spoke about, kept this heathen in His Bible for the next 60 days, and spoke over scriptures through my right hand in the form of all the words written in my faith blogs. Seldom have I read my Bible, so I cannot take credit for words written concerning scriptures. I was driven.

Since 2007, after publishing what I know, now, are revelations from God, first, at MyFox4New around October 8th of 2007, and now platforms, to this day, are indexed in the "Top 1" position of relevance when searching for "accurate understanding of Yeshua's parablesaccurate understanding of Psalm 110:1-7, and accurate understanding of end times." I'm called a Wizard, now, when I don't even know what's going on in this racist country terrorizing me via my browsers. Ask Google.

When my mother's water broke, I was taken across the Texas state line to be birth in Vivian, Louisiana, and my CUSIP number begin with the letter G. No wonder so many white people despise me. I've been marked as evil by Jews. There are signs around me, even, in my home city of Dallas. Why me?

I have no idea, but I can tell you, that, my younger brother, Michael, and I, has argued only once in our entire lives, if that counts for something? Thought to be very conning, when I wasn't, I never practiced cursing around my mother. I eat nothing but food. I've never burnt a lady, sexually, nor have I ever been burnt by a woman sexually. Incarcerated, twice, at that time she decided it, my mother chose me to bury her, despite what other family members thought of me. 

My family members thought of me to be the least likely one to fight, or work. However, because I was very competitive in gaming, and down to earth, I received a "Most Congeniality Award" among fellow inmates in Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution, in 1984. I am sensitive, perceptive, passionate, solitary, and can feel others pain. Never been boastful, nor, a showoff. And I accidentally fired a gun one time.

Because of mysterious forces meddling in my life, since 2003, that I am aware of, and the strange obsession I had in reading my Bible for 60 straight days, in 2007, I've had to give serious thought to many things concerning me, my date of birth, my name, my mother, who, like president Obama's mother, had a man's name. My mother's father, Johnny Justice, was a Freemason from a family of Freemasons. I never understood why he sent for me (in 1981) before he died, but God blessed me with visions to see it all.

Having learned tthat my great, great grandfather, Cain Mathis, and a few of his family members were being monitored after the 1920 U.S. Census revealed that he was a Retail Merchant with over 600 acres of land, I feel that the Catholic Church, and our United States government is up to something with me, Stanley Mathis (spelled with 13 letters)

The forces are using the other Stanley Wayne Mathis (spelled with 18 letters), who was offered a part in the Broadway play, "Lion King," to stalk me in the midst of my products in Google Images.

It's been an extraordinary, but very frightening experience for me, learning that I might be descendant to the ancient black Hebrew Israelites. I'm not convinced of it. I'm also fascinated with all the hate and threats of revenge against me for my believing on Yeshua words. The Holy Spirit will always rest in His righteous words.  My belief, is, Yeshua was the last Righteous Prophet. 

Would you like know why so many corporate and relgious leaders are threatening my life? Aside from a few of my faith blogs being indexed in the search engines at #1 on their keyword phrases, I was m
arked at birth with only a first, and last name, Stanley Mathis
My full name is spelled with 13 letters,
 and my Veteran Healthcare Member ID begins with the number 13, and ends with the number 13. T
he first three numbers on my Social Security Card,
when added, equals the number 13and t
he last four numbers on my Social Security Card, when added, equals the number 13. But 
my Visa Debit Card ends with the number 666.

Jerry Jones only purchased (148=13) framed copies of my poem, America's Team, to sell throughout his pro shops, in 1997. And to add insult to injury, I now receive my FOOD STAMPS on the 13th day of each month. What's great about American Christians forcing an American patriot onto food stamps? Nothing. I'm only one poor man with, obviously, a great God of prophecy. But I have solid reasons to be astounded at all of what the Spirit, breath of words, has done through this ignorant man. 

Purchasing 148, which equals 13 when adding the three numbers, is but a signal to those in the know about where some of my Justice and Mathis families came from. And Jerry Jones was a major contributor to the Austin Street Centre, where I resided from 2001, until 2004, as a homeless man.

I view Mr. Jones as a very superstitious person, whom I now believe is working with Caucasian Jews, Italians, and the Irish, to kill me. I also believe big business is embracing the evil biblical curses I assume most powerful Caucasian men use in our Bible to justify an obvious hate toward some of us black men thought to be honest. 

Prophetically speaking, it's been 58 years since tornadoes hit the Dallas area that were so destructive, with the last being in the year I was born. That number 58, when marrying the 5 to the 8, equal's 13, again. The Word is God, and God is truth, because, truth build strong foundations. Believe on His words, says, Yahweh, and Yeshua. Believing them is the only way to knowing truth. Read.

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And because the Dallas Cowboys Football Club sold (148) framed copies of my poem, America's Team, throughout their pro shops, in 1997, it was on my birthday, again, when the first sporting event was played in the "New Cowboys Stadium". It was also on July 19th, 2010, when the Dallas Cowboys last played in the Hall Of Fame game. And finally, it was on July 19th, 2012, when Great Britain purchased 48 fighter planes from a manufacturer in the Dallas metropolitan area. The number 48 is symbolic of GB being the leader of the 12 tribes of Israel.