SMEO Autographed Product Certificate Of Authenticity

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    Modern day collectors can purchase signed poetry art, here. Purchase high, and low priced collectible t-shirts, here.  Collectible Usa Footwear, here.

    You'll receive, for signed products, my 2002 Autograph (Copy) Appraisal Certificate, and my signed COA, below, a combined $700.00 U.S. IRS tax deduction value when donated to a qualified charity.

    As proof you honestly collected my signature, please, register it, here. The "Annual Appreciated Value" is usually around 10%, I've read. 

    The 2002 appraisal was performed by WhatsItWorthtoYou.Com, now, ValueMyStuff.Com

    Signed My First Love Poetry Art Poster

    Signed America's Team Poetry Art Poster

    Signed U.S. Of A. Flag Poetry Art Poster