SMEO Autographed Product Certificate Of Authenticity

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    Purchase my signed poetry art, here. My high, and low priced collectible t-shirts, here.  Purchase my designer shoe wear, here.

    You'll receive, for signed products, my 2002 Autograph Appraisal Certificate, and my signed COA, a combined $700.00 U.S. IRS tax deduction value when donated to a qualified charity.

    As proof you honestly collected my signature, please, register it, here. The "Annual Appreciated Value" is usually around 10%, I've read. 

    The 2002 appraisal was performed by WhatsItWorthtoYou.Com, now, ValueMyStuff.Com

    Siged My First Love Framed Poetry Art Collectible

    Signed America's Team Framed Poetry Art Collectible

    Signed U.S. Of A. Flag Framed Poetry Art Collectible