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In YOUR words, I will develop your Home, About Us, and a Product Page, to link your free FAA Store, a Google Sites, or, a WIX Site, linked to your PayPal account you will need.


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I will need your new passwords and sign-in ID's to get started


1). Tell everyone about yourself, and why you're online.

2). A short general description of what your website is all about.

3). Your product image. Up to  ten.

Preferred Image Size: 10000 pixels 

4). Or, email up to 5 mp3 audio files as "Attachments". 

Preferred Image Format: PNG/JPEG

5). The name, description, and price of each product.

6). Your new Google, WIX, and Pixels Site web address, login name, and password.

And I will insert everything!

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