Huge Discount On Appraised Autographed 20 x 30 Inch America's Team Poetry Art Poster Collectible

Autograph also refers to a famous person's artistic signature.

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In 2002, WhatsItWorthToYou.Com, now, ValueMyStuff.Com, appraised my autograph (alone) at $350.00 Fair Market Value
A first for a poet.

Having the unsigned version (with the Cowboys star on helmet) selling in small frames throughout the Dallas Cowboys pro shops, in 1997, my poem, America's Team, was also published in a poetry anthology, entitled, "A Sea Of Treasure," by what was once the National Library Of Poetry.
For only $149.00, and free shipping, you'll receive an "America's Team Autographed Poetry Art Poster Collectible" limited edition print offering in size 20 x 30 inch, personally, autographed by me, Stanley Mathis. 

Allow 3 business days for delivery.

You can also collect my appraised autograph on 20" x 30" poetry art posters, entitledThe U.S. of A. Flag, My First LoveMy Sweet WonderThe U.S. of A. Lincoln & Washington, or the entire collection!  


 Stanley Mathis