Wholesale "USA POET" Luxury Brand Apparel By A Who's Who in America

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The movers and shakers in the business of collectible luxury apparel who understand the value of some notable names, will know, that, after reading and following the leads provided them in this entire presentation, my "USA POET" brand has a value, greater, than some of the most expensive t-shirts online.


  • "R u a poet?," is what everyone will be asking the deep thinkers "Making Their Statement" in wearing the new "USA POET" collectible pedigree brand apparel.

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    The Israeli Prophet Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi

    "Stanley. If you start writing poetry, you will become a great poet!" 

    In 1988, Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi, the lead vocalist of Steel Forest, a 1980's band from Amsterdam, while on Tourist Visa in Dallas, Texas, from Israel, on the first night we were introduced, prophesied that I would become a great poet if I ever started writing poetry. He visited me, every day, and spoke to my mother, and I, about American blacks being their (Esau) closest relatives. He said we were descendants of  King Solomon.

    I laughed at him, then, but not today.

  • http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/stanley-mathis.html

    Retailers of my collectible t-shirts will receive 21 to 25 (signed) Certificates Of Authenticity with a purchase of 20 to 24 Units. My appraised autograph can help taxpayers.

    "USA POETS" Collectible Pedigree T-Shirts & Apparel, designed by Stanley Mathis, is the only brand in the world that pays the wearer via my signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    It is a document (created by me) that enables the purchaser to claim a deduction of $350.00 on a tax return with the IRS when the signed certificate is donated to a public charity.

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    "R u a poet?," is what everyone will be asking the deep thinkers "Making Their Statement" in wearing my new "USA POET" luxury brand apparel.

    I am also the poet who penned America's Team, the poem, that the Dallas Cowboys sold in small frames throughout the pro shops, in 1997. 

    Using an appraised autograph to sell my "USA POET luxury collectible t-shirt" brand, is simple, and an excellent marketing strategy that helps your representatives close the deal. What is it?



    Just as the State of Texas made money on the selling of Stanley Mathis autograph, in 2002, each wearer of the "USA POET" Luxury Brand Apparel paying income taxes every year can as well. 

    Offer wear, and tear on products that can help your fashion customers bottom line at income tax paying time. 

    Wearers of the "USA POET" brand donating a collectible autograph that can help a charity is a win for them, the charity, and investors in historic autographs

    And who is going to know if they are a poet, if indeed, they don't show it?



    Offering wear and tear on products that can help their bottom line at income tax paying time by donating a collectible autograph, and memorabilia that can help a public charity's cause.