Appraised Autographed Poetry Art Posters By Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis

Knowing what I know, now, I would only be interested in purchasing a celebrity, or notable's autograph, that has a past "appraisal certificate," online, to examine, such as what I am presenting in the following the link, as proof to the IRS, confirming a legitimate Fair Market Value of $350.00 for my autograph when itemizing for charitable tax deductions, after collectors hold my autographed poetry art posters 12 months, and donate to a public charity for an excellent tax relief! I am business. Not politics.

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 Veterans Day shoppers can now c
ollect my appraised autograph on 24" x 36" poetry art posters, entitled, The U.S. of A. Flag, America's Team, My First Love, My Sweet Wonder, The U.S. of A. Washington, The U.S. of A. Liberty, or the entire collection!  

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