Collectibles By Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis Registered & Protected  SSEW-N7NM-PQVT-V9EJ

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I only autograph on demand.
The following link to our Dallas Police Chief, David Brown's Twitter page should 
offer (you) some assurance of there being truth in advertising here. Known by few, in America, my autograph appraised at 
Do you know what is the appraisal valuation of your favorite celebrity's autograph?

While big business steal and take from this notable American, profitable small business owners looking for tax relief from the IRS can start collecting my appraised autographed poetry art as you promote your 

, in the #1 position on my new collectors validation registry until the next purchaser moves you over one. Just submit a digital photo of you wearing, or you displaying your signed and unsigned art posters, or, if you are a retailer, my Usa Poet wholesale apparel products, your web address, and a little something about your website via my email link below.

Where to start? I would, first, like to suggest you start by collecting my 24" x 36" autographed poetry art

 collectible #1

 #3#4#5#6 and/or #7,

 with Certificate Of Authenticity that, together, will allow you a $700.00 income tax deduction with the IRS, but collectors must donate my autographed products to public charities after holding them for at least 12 months.

Are you a high earning worker still having to pay the IRS income taxes after itemization? Well, it really should be a no brainier for American taxpaying citizens paying high income taxes to the IRS year, after year, after year, to bank on the relief that collecting my
 appraised autograph
 at over a 50% discount, and that means you can get them today for $149.00, and $179.00 with my (signed) Certificate Of Authenticity that allows you to take advantage of an I.R.S. income tax deduction of $700.00 Fair Market Value when donating both artworks to a public charity. Say! You're getting "2 autographs" for the price of 1 at a discount of over 50%!!

Wise collectors of my autograph and products will be allowed your lawful deductibles when filing your income tax returns around mid April of 2018 
after holding today's purchases far longer than 12 months
 before making your autographed poetry artworks and Certificate Of Authenticity donations to charityI will  even promote your web and social media pages by registering your new collectibles purchased, here, or at one of my online stores.

Apparel retailers of my collectible "USA POET" luxury brand t-shirts will also receive 21 to 25 signed Certificates Of Authenticity with your 20 to 24 Unit bulk purchase of this new appraised pedigree brand. The movers and shakers in the business of collectible luxury apparel who understand the value of some notable names, will know, that, after reading and following the leads provided them on this website, my "USA POET" brand has a value, greater, than some of the most expensive t-shirts online.

Are you  buying?