Appraised Autographed Posters By Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis

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It is a good thing to know, that, we have value inside the Vatican. Walking corporations we are. Enslaved.

Stanley Mathis

With past appraisals at $200.00 to $450.00 Fair Market Value, you only pay $149.00 to $179.00 for my signed 20" x 30" poetry art poster collectibles, below. Facebook?


Freedom Is Beautiful!
This spiritually inspired website is the result of the covenant I made (in prison) with the Spirit we know as God

I vowed, then, in 1987, to turn my life around, if He blessed me with the compassion to forgive; the vision to see the good His consultation to me would do for others, and the wisdom to make sound decisions when needed.

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Texas State Held Autograph

My autograph was appraised by WhatsItWorthToYou.Com, in 2002, now, 

Showing Mothers Love


Author of America's Team, the poem, unfortunately, I'm one  of
 the poorest Who's Who in America. It's biblical.

I've become  one of the most successful 3 times incarcerated individual in the U.S.. Words, and truth, is God. Confessions. Revelations.

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Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi, who introduced himself to me as, "uncle Sam," because of what he knew, being in America on Tourist Visa, in 1988.

That first night we met, Sam prophesied great poetic works I would publish if I ever start writing poetry.

Imperfect, but deserving of your business.

Shower Curtain featuring the digital art America The Beautiful by Stanley Mathis

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That 2002 autograph appraisal is universally applied to

 all my works, though, recent biased appraisals does exist.

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