Autographed Poetry Art Posters By Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis

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Being the poet who penned America's Team, the poem, that the Dallas Cowboys sold throughout the pro shops, in 1997, I'm offering, according to Google, the "#1 best nationwide permanent jobs creating plan, and the #1 best plan that secures Internet transactions."

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With the State of Texas being the major holder, you can now collect my appraised autograph on 20 x 30 inch poetry art posters, entitled, The U.S. of A. FlagAmerica's TeamMy First LoveMy Sweet WonderThe U.S. of A. Washington, or the entire collection!  




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Stanley Mathis
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Stanley Mathis

According to Google Search, I'm offering the, most accurate understanding of Jesus Christ, and others.

Born in Vivian, Louisiana, John Travolta, as me, Stanley, and his murdered wife, Vivian Hill, in the movie, "I Am Wrath," has sent me a very threatening message.

In 2002, I sought out, and received an appraisal of $350.00 on my autograph, alone

That 2002 autograph appraisal is universally applied to

 all my works, though, recent biased appraisals does exist.

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Kenny G. Collection

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