Who Is Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis?

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  Did you know that another Stanley Mathis starred in the Broadway Play, "Lion King?" Having lived a reclusive life for the last 28 years, this Stanley Mathis is a little nervous about telling his amazing story in person, but this isn't bad for a man who was kicked out of the Dallas Independent School District, dropped out of Berkeley High, manipulated out of the U.S. Navy after 1 month, railroaded into a mental institution, incarcerated three times, and now living on SSI. Will you allow them to oppress him? Labeled a sucker, scapegoat, a slave, and an Anti-Christ, by some, in order to frighten Europeans, this man's change in thought, emotions, and vision, in the way he viewed the world, is something that has turned many heads, inspired shameless jealousy, and hate.

But all that you will see, read, and can buy, accessed from here, is proof, in that, the Spirit of the Lord has forgiven this Stanley Mathis. Today, you can wear, collect, and preserve products with a unique one of a kind pedigree behind them that can make your estate money long term. Author of the web's "best nationwide permanent jobs creating plan," and America's Team, the poem, Stanley Mathis' autograph is a collectible that even the State Of Texas has made money on. And they're planning to make more. What are you going to do?

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After receiving an invitation from Jack Anderson  of the International Platform Association , in 1992, and later, being invited to have his biographical profile listed in the 2002 edition of Marquis Who's Who in America, in 2002, Stanley Mathis sought out, and received an appraisal of $350.00, Fair Market Value, and a Replacement Value of $600.00 for his autograph on his appraised autographed poetry art he's offering that creates a win, win, win, situation for high income taxpayers, himself, and charities with a cause . Collect, and donate. 

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