Autographed Poetry Art Posters By Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis

Collect, for $149.00, my signed 24" x 36" poetry art poster #1, 

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Poetry Anthologies  My Poems Are Published In!
 According to Google Search, I am the first poet to have my autograph appraised on poetry art, and, I also have at least one poem published in the poetry anthology, "A Sea of Treasures, Distinguished Poets of AmericaBest Poems of 1998After the StormEtches in TimeJourney of the MindTears of FireA Cascade of Memories," and over 20 other poetry anthology books. 
And I am also the inspiration for Stanley Wayne Mathis character in the Broadway Play, The Lion King. Black people are easily tricked is their belief. Ignorant, stupid people we are called.

My Online Retailing Partners Playing The Bait And Switch On Me?

Focusing on permanent jobs creation, as well, I designed this website with the expectation of my white brothers and sisters shopping with me. However, meta tags, and product thieves partnering with Google at DallasOnCanvasLogoSoftwearPinterestTeeSpringImageKindBlackPlanet, are stealing my products and web traffic because, like a scribe, I've published my thoughts on end times. Surviving on $488.00 a month, and basically homeless, I'm in need of your blessings. There is little vision in our black communities.

Iwas marked as an Anti-Christ by the religious leaders because of my July 19th, 1957 date of birth is somehow associated with a belief in Freemasonry, my name is Stanley Mathis, and I was born in Vivian, Louisiana. The 2016 movie, "I Am Wrath," starring John Travolta, as Stanley Hill, and Amanda Schull, as his wife, Vivian Hill, speaks to me about hate. Do you believe their names, Stanley and Vivian, in the movie, is a coincident? I don't. And John, because I prayed, and believed that I could come out of prison and make significant contributions, I now talk to and thank the Lord a lot for of all the Spirit has given us

I'm being
 taught by the one Teacher. I am no teacher. And neither are they. Registered & Protected  SSEW-N7NM-PQVT-V9EJ