Appraised Collectibles By America's Team Poet Stanley Mathis


  • John Washington of the San Diego Chargers, Michael Downs of the Dallas Cowboys, DeWayne Scales of L.S.U., 

  •  Vernon Smith of Texas A & M, Charles Hudson of the Yankees, and  Rod Gerald, of Ohio St., are all guys I knew in Dallas, Texas.

          U.S. Department of Labor


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              • Google Gone Crazy

                                    • My grandson's mother's name is Keronna. 
                                    • I was born in Vivian, Louisiana, on July 19th, 1957.

          With the disturbing Subliminal Messages via Hollywood

          wonder, was the  name Corona COVID 19 Virus created 

          by mad scientists with me in mind? It named itself? No.

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                                      • Hello Stanley,

                                        Once I contacted you about Samuel Hezi.
                                        I just found out he passed away about 4 years ago. Do you know what happened to him? I can’t find anything on his name on internet. Just about Sunny Hays. But no news he past away.

                                        I would appreciate your response very much.

                                        Best Regards,

                                        The Netherlands

                                      • Thank you for answering me Stanley. And for sharing me on your site. 

                                      • Sam was my best friend in hard times. He made me feel better and we had a special time together. I will always remember him. 

                                        Stay safe,



          • With only a first and last name, Stanley Mathis, not to be mistaken for Stanley Wayne Mathis of The Lion King. In 2004, criminal Atheists psychiatrists diagnosed me as mentally ill.

          • To See Is To Believe?

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          • Stanley's grandfather, Johnny Justice.


            An evil intent against me for being a vessel.

          • Girl Friend Framed Print featuring the digital art My Sweet Wonder Poetry Art by Stanley Mathis

          • first poet to have his autograph appraised

          • After being told I had one of the highest scores the nation on the Reading & Comprehension part of the G.E.D. Test, in 1984, I told all my brothers in Seagoville F.C.I. I would become a great man in American history.

          • A Historic Invitation


          •  Jack Anderson, then, Chairman, in 1991, and the Board of Governors at the I.P.A, invited me to join them

            Glenn T. Seaborg,

             J. Peter Grace

            Victor BorgeHarry Blackstone Jr., and Art Linkletter, were a part of that. And I was a two times loser.

          • Paris Framed Print featuring the digital art Old Paris by Stanley Mathis

          • "Usa Poet" Slam"Usa Poet" Stepper"Usa Poet" Silver"Usa Poet" Cutie

          • Mothers Love Poem Framed Print featuring the digital art My First Love Poetry Art by Stanley Mathis

          • Many jealous and evil leaders are wishing death upon this ex-con.
          • Eyeing his grandson, below, the two founders of Google are out to kill Stanley Mathis. Liars hate my talk of the God Spirit in all of us. There are many gods, but one Most High Spirit.

              • Marked evil at birth, in Louisiana, Google, the pink devil, I'm experiencing every day, Google, stalking me, and our government supports the sellout?

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              • Who's To Blame?
                We all live in a world of pain. And we all look for someone else to blame.

                You'll blame me, and I'll blame you, for things we all, together, must do.

                We must educate to appreciate. We must love ourselves enough to care 

                About our children having guns. And men, who coward, and run,

                Leaving our women at home collecting welfare.

                And I'd like to say this  of what our country misses.

                It is the love of all mankind. But by educating ourselves

                Our country will get well, and thus, provide a future

                For both yours, and mine.

                We all miss our aim when choosing others to blame

                Because the answer lies deep within ourselves.

                So let us all make a stand, together.

                For blacks, whites, and browns, are here, forever.

                And we all should open our mind to someone else.

                                    • I was diagnosed as bi-polar schizophrenic, in 2004, because of an evil plan to kill me. 
                              • I am amazed at what the Lord of hosts (Spirit) has done for this three times loser trying to win without money, but, the power of FAITH in the Good God, in all us. I don't practice being evil to no one. 

          • Michael Jackson's We Are The World (song) Is My proof, that, Kenny Rogers and Luther Ingram (49 seconds in) did not believe the prophecy of King Solomon. 

          • Drawings Framed Print featuring the digital art Horse Play by Stanley Mathis

          • How can a STUPID MAN be so right, in my offering of what I heard from Ancient of Days a Spirit, if there's not a God Spirit of Truth, in us? 

          • I last took an IQ TEST, Online, and scored 120. I am too amazed to seek revenge for what we did to them, first. They were servants, first, and never forgave us princes of Solomon. Walking since 2001.


          • The Poor Man (666)  (Jeremiah 10:16)

          • Stanley's Mother's Inspiration

          • Zechariah 3:1-10 Truth Matters  

            • Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi Wasn't Perfect

            • In 2007, opening my first blog at MYFOX4.COM, doing God's will, I published about 72 blogs, in 3 days. Don't ask me to explain what only God knows. I don't play God.