Who Is Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis?

Why do some Jewish leaders continue to promote violent black men in entertainment? And did my perspective on end times inspire the new Chrysler 300 television commercial to promote the taking of my estate of copyrights?
Raised in Dallas, Texas, I am a poet who had the honor of reading Dr. Jannay P. Valdez’s Story of Billy the Kid, in manuscript form, while he read my manuscript, entitle, Visions of Business, I’m also the person who penned America’s Team, the poem, that the Dallas Cowboys sold in small frames throughout the pro shops, in 1997, this is the place where a most innovative marketing plan create, and list your very own collector’s web page in the #1 position while you promote your legacy as a collector of Google’s historically appraised poetry art collectibles, collectible Usa tennis shoes for poets, appraised poetry art canvases, and collectible apparel and accessories, by submitting a digital photo of you displaying, holding, or wearing my products, along with your name, the name of the purchased product, a small description of what you do, and your Facebook, LinkedIn, BlogSpot, Google Site, WordPress, or your business web address to:   

ho am I? well, my name is Stanley Mathis, a relatively unknown poet who, in 2002, received an appraisal of $350.00 for my autograph on 24 x 30 inch poetry art prints, entitled, "My Sweet Wonder". However, in 2013, my updated poetry art posters, entitled, My First LoveThe U.S. of A. Flag, America's TeamThe U.S. of A. Liberty, and My Sweet Wonder, each, appraised at $200.00 Fair Market Value, while receiving a Replacement Cost of $400.00, when offering autographed 24 x 30 inch Limited Edition prints of 500 to 700. The appraisals were done by WhatsItWorthToYou.Com, now, ValueMyStuff.Com