Who Is Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis?

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My name is Stanley Mathis, and I would appreciate  you giving me a look. And I also want to solute honest media personalities like Glenn Beck, being a man hidden for plunder, myself, by the Zionists at Google, because, I am an ex-con , a poet, independently progressive, a Who's Who in America, somewhat charitable, an SSI recipient, an ex-homeless person, and a small business owner  who cared enough about my country to write our president, in 1991, after praying and asking God for a solution to nationwide permanent jobs creation

Believe to be crazy, and lazy by some holy folks seeking to judge me all the time for not having earned $200.00 in over 26 years, so they can feel better about not buying anything, themselves, but I continue to come forth with all of this that our well to do Jews, Protestants, and Catholics see, read, and list as relevant in major search engines. I don't hate. I participate. So why won't our landlords consolidate? 


Due to the miraculous things that has happened in my life, while living on SSI, particularly, I feel threatened in being oppressed by some very clever people of an aggressive doctrine , featuring, my web pages #1 (below the Sponsor Ads they try to trick you with) when you search the web for ...

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Voted, in 1999, one of the best poets of the 20th century, in 1991, I received a vote of viability from Mr. Raymond J. Uhalde, then, Administrator at the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Development concerning the permanent jobs creating plan I authored, entitled, Project Safer America. In 1996, I stood at City Hall Chambers and received a Goodwill Ambassador Award from the City of Cedar Hill, Texas. And because my bio listed in the 2002 edition of Marquis Who's Who in America, I received an appraisal of $350.00 for my autograph, alone, on my poetry art print, entitled, "My Sweet Wonder". However, in 2013, my updated poetry art posters, entitled, My First Love, The U.S. of A. Flag, America's Team, The U.S. of A. Liberty, and My Sweet Wonder, each, appraised at $200.00 Fair Market Value, while receiving a Replacement Cost of $400.00, when offering autographed 24 x 30 inch Limited Edition prints of 500 to 700.   

The appraisals were done by WhatsItWorthToYou.Com, now, ValueMyStuff.Com . 

I came forth to publish the experience I had with the Holy Spirit, twenty two months after doing 18 months state jail time, in McKinney, Texas from February 2004 until December 5th, 2005, released, one day, I've recently learned, after my biological father died, on December 4th, 2005. Because I came forth with a perspective on end times that God's Spirit gave me to share, obviously, with, and I'm being honest in my belief, the 10 European families controlling Israel, I have been targeted. But the plundering of my family began years ago with the numbers 77767 marking my great, great grandfather, a retail merchant who owned over 600 acres of land in Marion County, Texas, named, Cain Mathis, for plunder in the 1920 U.S. Census.

Now, some Jews, Catholics, and Protestants in publishing and business who covet our contributions diagnosed me as Bi-Polar Schizophrenic, in 2004. Today, I rent a room on $480.00 a month as an SSI recipient because of warring religious men in support of President Obama, speaking in this 7th year, to a man who simply believe in the Spirit of Truth. And truth is, nothing changes.

Hollywood executives, writers, producers, as well as companies like Geico, Progressive Insurance, Planters Peanuts, Sonic Burgers, and the men behind approving their television commercials view me as their scapegoat. American Jews, Catholics, and Protestants have become my ISIS. And they're worshiping "Sniper" shooters for an evil purpose. They practice sacrifices, as well, of black righteous men, prophets, and kings. And they do it in the spirit of Esau. In the name of our brother. Japheth's kings of Europe should be ashamed. There's no jealousy, or hate, in me.