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Who's To Blame

We all live in world of pain.
And we all look for someone else to blame.

You'll blame me, and I'll blame you
For things we all, together, must do.

We must educate to appreciate.
We must love ourselves enough to care
About our children having guns,

And m
en who coward and run, leaving,
Our women at home collecting welfare.

I'd like to say this of what our country misses.
It is love of all mankind.

But by educating ourselves.
Our country will get well. and thus,
Provide a future for both, yours, and mine.

We all miss our aim when choosing others to blame
Because, the answer lies deep within ourselves.

So let us all take a stand, together,
For blacks, whites, and browns, are here forever.

And we all should open our mind to someone else.

By, Stanley Mathis

Born in  Vivian, Louisiana, I am the author of America's Team, the poem, published in the National Library Of Poetry's "A Sea of Treasure," that the Dallas Cowboys sold throughout the pro shops, in 1997, and, I am, according to Google, the "first poet to have autograph appraised, as well."

It is my contribution to poetry for other notable poets contemplating the appraisal of their autograph

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Stanley Mathis
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According to Google Search, I'm offering the, most accurate understanding of Jesus Christ, and others.

Born in Vivian, Louisiana, John Travolta, as me, Stanley, and his murdered wife, Vivian Hill, in the movie, "I Am Wrath," has sent me a very threatening message.

Cool Usa Poet Apparel (and tennis sneakers) were inspired by the stories of America's legendary poets, and the of respect in having poetry accepted as fine autographed art collectibles. So, in 2002, I sought out, and received an appraisal of $350.00 on my autograph, alone

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