Who Is Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis?

I'm no good at cursing people, but I would appreciate all purchasers registering, below, your appraised collectible autographincome tax savings charity donor productsunsigned framed printsiphone casesgalaxy casesgreeting cardsthrow pillowsqueen duvet coversshower curtainstote bagscanvas printsmetal printsacrylic prints and/or poster prints, by me,Stanley Mathis, that will benefit you short termand your loved ones long term.

Collectors Registry Of A Historic Poet

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Unfortunately, because of my religious testimonies, I've been marked as the Anti-Christ of the world, as well, and have inspired some very threatening subliminal messages out of Hollywood prophesying my death (and resurrection) in movies like, HancockBook Of EliThe Adjustment BureauEagle EyeHarry Potter's The Deathly HallowsTransformers, and so many others. Who am I? I'm an American patriot who showed he cared. I shared my visions.

Working People Are Happy People

I've been mocked by presidents because the Spirit spoke to me. I was railroaded, and poisoned  with psycho pills because I spoke about God's words inspiring me. They didn't believe it.

 Collect the world's first apparel fashion wholesaler that offer wearers an autographed Certificate Of Authenticity to donate to a public charity (after 13 months) for a full Fair Market Value of around $350.00, because of all of this I have accomplished since the 2002 appraisal on my autograph. And collectors will receive a copy of that 2002 appraisal certificate.


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, that 
has, unfortunately, caused some rogue companies to hoard my name, products, keywords, and other meta tags to compete in search engines against me.

 Because Google's staff is always tampering with my browses, trying, to prevent me from publishing some of the experiences I've had, realizing that, God did not curse me, I believe my online estate is being plundered by Christians, and Jews. The Pope should pray for me. A nonviolent black man in the midst of war lords

 Haters of truthand hard working black entrepreneurs, are always following me. 
Am I really the only believer who accepts the fact, that, the Spirit of God is the Creator of everything seen, and unseen? The Spirit, I call God, Creates everything through all creative beings, and that's why, in 1987, I prayed for a vision of jobs creation in every community across America.

Come Back To "MUTE" This One Before Viewing The Videos

Best Of Kenny G.

The sabotaging of our lives and contributions by publishers is being done to humiliate us. I work long hours to keep my online enterprise, alive, because American corporations are at war with small business owners like me. 
Pinterest, in programming its system to deny me a "Reset Password," and by using my products, name and/or meta tags, like rogue company #1#2, and #3, is infringing on my copyrights without paying me. The companies showned you are cleverly competing against me in the search engines (for web traffic) by using my words, and images. The companies showned you make "Web traffic Promises" to ad buyers based on our efforts. This is unacceptable to me, but there is no relief. No agencies looking out for us web content developers. 

Stanley Mathis Premium Digital Artworks

It is criminal what the founders of Google, and their friends, are doing to my computer, and browsers. Our president's Jewish (and rap) friends don't like me. And are of no support.

But just as the State of Texas (and rogue companies) make money on the selling of Stanley Mathis products and autograph, each collector of my appraised autograph, paying, high income taxes every year, can save on their bottom line when donating my signed items to charity. I don't enjoy being on welfare when I have so much to offer you. I was born to be honest, creative, sell, and give. And all you see, here, is proof. My personal feelings are, that, I just don't like being celebrated. I'm a simple business man. This is what I do.