Collectibles By Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis

The Unacceptable 2013 Biased Appraisal Certificates? Registered & Protected  SSEW-N7NM-PQVT-V9EJ

Profitable business owners in Dallas, Texas, and high income earners should have no problem with a poet confident enough to place a link to D.P.D. Chief, David Brown's Twitter page for any questions you might have. And because forged autographed copies of The U.S. of A. Statue Of Liberty Poetry Art, a creation of mine, were sold, illegally, in conjunction with the State Of Texas during the time I was having autographed versions of my poetry art appraised by WhatsItWorthToYou.Com, income tax payers, still, writing the IRS a big check, after all itemizations are complete, should collect my appraised autograph, now, to take advantage of an I.R.S. income tax deduction of $350.00 Fair Market Value in late March of 2017. That's real money saved!

 Because my family is originally from Smithland, Texas, the name, Stanley Smith, in the American Dad cartoon series, was given to the character because of my nationwide permanent jobs creating plan. Now, the unbiased autograph collector can promote their WordpressTwitter, LinkedIn, BlogSpot, WixCoollectors, or business page on my validation registry.

Marked with the number 13 at birth by Freemasons, I'm not a reverend, pastor, preacher, rabbi, bishop, or priest, but my testimony is the result of a 60 day encounter I had (in 2007) with the Spirit we call God. I believe it.

Collectors Registry Of A Historic Poet

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You can also check with a C.P.A., who might refer you to an unbiased autograph appraiser applying the "Principle of Progression" to what I'm doing for youpoetsonline consumersmy nation, and God's Truth. Your new appraisal may rise up to $200.00 to $400.00 more in Fair Market Value, because, my autograph is on very few documents, period. If you didn't buy it from me, Stanley Mathis, personally, well then, it's a fake. Why are so many Jewish publishers stealing from me?

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Having been incarcerated three times as a black man, and a threatened author of the Internet's #1 best nationwide permanent jobs creating plan , I have been diagnosed as Bi-Polar Schizophrenic, and Schizoaffective, psychiatrists for the State of Texas say, so I applaud our Dallas Police Department for their stand on Cannabis users in the city of Dallas. All seeds (and natural herbs) are God given to humanity. Only the self righteous, haters, Atheist, and big medicine fight against cannabis us