Appraised Autograph & Artwork Products By Dallas Poet Stanley Mathis

Criminal companies like, Zazzle, ForuDesignsLogoSportsWearDallasOnCanvas, and TeeSpring, are illegally selling the copyrights of the artist who authored, designed, formed, and published on their platforms?  Well, because a righteous autograph appraiser placed a Fair Market Value on my name, making products I created, myself, collectibles. Collect, preserve, and later, cash-in!

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In 2002, WhatsItWorthToYou.Com, now, ValueMyStuff.Comappraised my autograph (alone) at $350.00 Fair Market Value; a
 first for a poet. Collect, and sale some history.

                •  I, Stanley Mathis, poet, author, ex-con, builder, and owner of this site, has also made it convenient for honest people to donate whatever you wish, below. 

              "Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven," says the Lord, in Matthew 5:3, and the righteous, in Matthew 5:10who stand behind the revelations of those of us who are just learning the Truth. Are you holier than the Angel of the LORD, in Zechariah 3:1-10, or, the Spirit of Truth that is in Yeshua, the Angel of the King? Joshua, shared Truth, and was redeemed.

                    Because of mysterious forces meddling in my life, since 2003, that I am aware of, and the strange obsession I had in reading my Bible for 60 straight days, in 2007, I've had to give serious thought to many things concerning me, my date of birth, my name, and my gifted mother, who, like former President Obama's mother, had a man's first name. 

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                      Do you know what is the appraisal valuation of your favorite celebrity's autograph?

                    • The U.S. of A. Gold Autographed Framed Poetry Collectible

                      Phone: (682) 208-2440

                      • With less than $50.00 paid (to me) from Zazzle, Pixels, and Fine Art America, combined, in multi year partnerships, I advis
                        collectors of my products to register, here


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                      Stanley Mathis,
                      May 25, 2017, 9:24 AM