Publications by Stan Lester

This is a mirror site of > publications and contains articles and reports written or co-authored by Dr Stan Lester, a consultant in professional development and education.  Papers are in date order.

The UK Qualifications and Credit Framework: a critique (draft journal article 2010)

Some notes on European Directives, professions and qualifications frameworks (conference input 2010)

Creating original knowledge in and for the workplace (draft journal article 2010)

Work-based doctorates: professional extension at the highest levels (draft journal article 2010)

Work-based learning at higher education level:  value, practice and critique (journal article 2010)

On professions and being professional (conceptual paper, last updated 2010)

Using dimensions of education/competence level (information note 2010)

Principles of professional accreditation (information note, last updated 2010)

Professional bodies’ advanced designations and awards  (synopsis of research report 2009)

Routes to qualified status:  practices and trends among UK professional bodies (journal article 2009)

Doctoral-level qualifications outside of universities (conference paper 2009)

The Conservation Technician Qualification:  an employer-led development (journal article 2009)

Report on referencing the Qualifications and Credit Framework to the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning  (report 2009)

Putting conservation’s professional qualification in context (journal article 2008)

Routes and requirements for becoming professionally qualified   (synopsis of book 2008)

Soft systems methodology (introductory paper 2008)

Professional practice projects:  APEL or development?  (journal article 2007)

Evidence-based practice (introductory paper 2007)

Size matters: economies of scale in schools and colleges  (research report 2006)

Conceptualising the practitioner doctorate (journal article 2004)

Delivering Entry to Employment in rural areas  (summary of research report 2004)

Short conference report and critique on progression from apprenticeships to higher education (notes on conference 2004)

The Ufi Ltd Learning through Work level indicators (resource 2003)

Qualifications in professional development (journal article 2003)

Capability and its development: experiences from a work-based doctorate (journal article 2002)

Negotiated work-based learning: from delivery to realisation (journal article 2002)

Becoming a profession: conservation in the United Kingdom (journal article 2002)

Assessing professional practice 'in the field': experiences from the PACR scheme (journal article 2001)

Learning for the 21st Century (book chapter 2001)

The construction of qualification levels and frameworks (journal article 2001)

Professional accreditation and NVQs: an exchange of experience  (journal article 2001)

The Professional Accreditation of Conservator-Restorers: developing a competence-based professional assessment system (journal article 2000)

Beyond conventional competence: a study of capable people (journal article 2000)

Rediscovering the Value of Wisdom (seminar notes 2000)

Professional bodies, CPD and informal learning: the case of conservation (journal article 1999)

Vocational qualifications in practice and principle: lessons from agriculture (journal article 1999)

Assessing the self-managing learner: a contradiction in terms? (book chapter 1999)

From map-reader to map-maker (book chapter 1999)

The challenge of developing the capable practitioner (book chapter 1999)

An introduction to phenomenological research  (introductory paper 1999)

Beyond knowledge and competence (journal article 1995)

Professional qualifications and continuing development: a practitioner perspective (journal article 1995)

Professional pathways: a case for measurements in more than one dimension (journal article 1995)

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