Own Writings

Stan Hasselgard in the Swedish jazz magazine OJ 

On Dixieland and Bop; News from New York, June 1948:
"You can hear good music in Greenwich Village, especially at Nick's. I went there with the bopper Sege Chaloff and we agreed: Billy Butterfield and Ernie Caceres play really good. Dixieland – but execellent! The guys seem to have fun, in contrast to the bebop-group in Chicken Roost, where music is performed by tenorist Allan Eager and trombonist Kai Winding – two pale youngsters with a sad appearance and with flattend fifths as the only attraction. Miles Davis plays the trumpet and he has talent but a hollow, meaningless sound. The drummer Max Roach is excellent but plays for himself and so intricate that the boys in the band seldom comes in right.
Then there is Charlie Parker and he plays marvellously, except when he has had too many reefers, which happens not too seldom."

Hollywood News March, 1948

On Miles, Parker, Eager and Winding.