Ford Center closed 10 Sep - 15 Sep

posted 15 Aug 2017, 10:30 by JL Shaw

The Ford Center will be closed 9/10 - 9/15 which should mean our class 9/11 (Mon) & 9/13 (Wed) be canceled.  However, since the facilities manager may be moving us, I'm not canceling classes on those days yet.  I'll keep everyone informed.


Annual San Jose Wing Chun BBQ: 8/26 (Sat)

posted 7 Jul 2017, 23:12 by JL Shaw

Our sister school in San Jose will be having it's annual BBQ. If you haven't tried Steve & Sandy's BBQ, you don't know what you're missing!!  As usual, there will be class from 9:30am-noon'ish that Sat morning, then the BBQ, so you can get a workout in, then stuff yourself :)  Sifu Ken will also be teaching that morning.

If you're interested, find me in class and get me your payment - $20 per person - no later than 8/11.  It will be more expensive after that.


SoCal Wing Chun Trip. 21-26 July

posted 7 Jul 2017, 22:58 by JL Shaw

Hi Everyone,

There is a SoCal Wing Chun Trip coming up on 21Jul - 26Jul.  Richard Low from the San Jose Wing Chun, is coordinating this.  They will be visit Sifu Gary Lam's school (Wong Shun Leung WC lineage), Sifu Wong Siu's school (Leung Sheung WC lineage) and Sifu Khoa's school (Choy Lay Fut / Wing Chun).

If you want to see what other Wing Chun schools are like or work out with them, here's your chance.

Catch me in class and I'll give you Richard's email.


7/7 Friday Class - I may be late

posted 3 Jul 2017, 13:25 by JL Shaw

Ken will not be holding class this Friday (7/7).  I will hold class, but I may be late getting there.
At the latest, I will be there at 7pm.


7/21 Friday Class Cancelled

posted 2 Jul 2017, 11:32 by JL Shaw

Class on Friday 21 Jul will be cancelled as Sifu Ken will not be back and I will be out of state.


3 July & 5 July 2017 Classes as normal

posted 30 Jun 2017, 15:17 by JL Shaw

There was some concern about classes around 4 July.

So I've confirmed that classes will be as normal on 7/3 Mon and 7/5 Wed.

See you all in class!


Food with Ken after Summer's Friday Night Classes

posted 28 Jun 2017, 17:23 by JL Shaw

With the early Friday night class endings during the Summer, we have been going to grab a bite to eat with Ken after class.  Last Friday, Ken regaled us with stories people asked about.  So here is another reason to show up for Friday night classes!

Note: there is no guarantee Ken will make it every time, but it's almost guaranteed there will be people who want to eat after class.


Please welcome baby Declan McClung!

posted 19 Jun 2017, 23:24 by JL Shaw

(I'm a bit late as Sean only say it's ok to announce it)

Please welcome baby Declan McClung to this world, born 4 May 2017.  And congratulations to the proud parents Rosa and Sean McClung!

Best, JL

URGENT!! CANCELLING Friday Class (6/16)

posted 15 Jun 2017, 13:40 by JL Shaw

Hi Everyone,

Ken just sent out word that he's cancelling this Friday's Class due to lack of parking.  Since this is such short notice, pls make sure you let everyone know!


Sifu Ken's 70-50 Celebration - Get the word out!

posted 12 Jun 2017, 15:14 by JL Shaw

Jan next year (2018) will be Sifu Ken's 70th birthday and he will have taught Wing Chun for 5 decades!  We are trying to get in touch with ALL the old students over his 50 years.  So if you were/are a student, please visit our website and fill in a quick questionnaire.  Also, dust off your contact list, and send the link to all your previous Wing Chun classmates!

Currently, we are only interested in students due the banquet size limits.

Pls help us get the word out!

Thx, JL

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