Website is up to date

posted 16 Jul 2014, 22:59 by Doug Morrison

Despite the lack of activity on our website, the information remains up to date; our schedule hasn't changed in years. Please feel free to drop by any class session; Stanford affiliation not required.

New students

posted 5 Oct 2011, 16:06 by Doug Morrison

Prospective students are now welcome to attend class; our instructor is back.

Prospective students

posted 17 Sep 2011, 13:05 by Doug Morrison

If you haven't been taught by Sifu Chung before, please wait until September 30 to begin attending class.

Friday, May 6 Practice Cancelled

posted 5 May 2011, 12:46 by Andrew A

See you on Monday!

-Andrew A.

Jan 21 Practice Cancelled

posted 19 Jan 2011, 22:52 by Andrew A   [ updated 13 Mar 2011, 01:20 ]

Hi all,

Class on Friday is canceled this week ( Jan 21 2011)
Thank you.

Mondays at Math building

posted 17 Jan 2011, 21:32 by Andrew A

Hi all,

Due to logistical issues (the ABC conference room is always locked!), we are shifting to the Math building for the rest of Monday practices for the quarter.

Wednesdays will still be in A3C and Friday in Elliot Program Center.

Winter Quarter Training Location

posted 9 Jan 2011, 19:57 by Andrew A

Hi all,

Below is the training location for our practices for winter quarter, beginning this week Jan 10 2011. As some of you might know, we lost priority in A3C and have been denied reservation from many places. Currently, we have a different place for each day of practice. I know this inconveniences everyone and I apologize for it. Doug and I have been trying to get us a common space since thanksgiving but met with brick walls.

Monday - 7pm-10pm
ABC Conference Room, Arrillaga Family Sports Center

Wednesday - 7.30 pm-9.30pm
Cardinal Room, A3C, Old Union (our practice location this past Autumn)

Friday - 7.30pm-9.30pm
Elliot Program Center


ABC Conference Room

Please meet at the road between Maples Pavilion and Arrillaga Family Sports Center. You can see the room from there.
You can park at the Maples Pavilion carpark and walk there.
Cardinal Room, A3C, Old Union

Our old place, back in autumn quarter

Elliot Program Center
589 Governors Avenue, Stanford, CA 94305    (google map it)

Go in the Lagunita parking lot, all the way to the end. Walk up the small hill towards the lake. You see be able to see the room on the right side of the lake.

Thank you.

Week of Jan 5 to Jan 7 2011

posted 5 Jan 2011, 17:38 by Andrew A   [ updated 5 Jan 2011, 17:39 ]

Hi all,

We will be in the basement of the math building for our wednesday and friday practice this week. I will send out updated info on our confirmed location once I get approval from the university.
Thank you.

New Year Holiday

posted 29 Dec 2010, 11:41 by Andrew A

Please note that training is canceled till the new year. Our first class will be on Jan 3 2011.

Friday Class, Nov 26 2010 canceled due to the holidays

posted 23 Nov 2010, 19:40 by Andrew A

Our informal class this Friday, Nov 26 2010 is canceled due to the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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