Class Times Update

posted 20 Oct 2016, 10:23 by JL Shaw

All classes whether Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, are all from 6:30pm-9:30pm.

Friday 10/21 Class is ON!

posted 20 Oct 2016, 00:06 by JL Shaw

Come join us in a workout this Friday 10/21 as the Friday class is on!

Same time: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Come Check Out the Wooden Dummy!

posted 13 Oct 2016, 15:40 by JL Shaw

I've constructed a mount for the class dummy, so it is now available.  Though I'm working on a storage location for the dummy closer to class, I'm hoping to transport the dummy to class Mondays.


Friday 10/14 Class is ON!

posted 13 Oct 2016, 15:36 by JL Shaw

This Friday's WC class is ON!  However, Ken is concerned there isn't really enough people attending.  Please make a point of attending or else the Friday classes may evaporate!  Additionally, I'm hoping when my ankle is better, that I will hold Friday classes when Ken is out of town or unavailable.  When I can make that happen, it will mean Friday classes will become a fixed class and I'll amend the class schedule on this website to reflect it.


Annual San Jose Wing Chun BBQ: Sat 15 Oct

posted 4 Oct 2016, 09:37 by JL Shaw

This year, the Annual San Jose WC BBQ is on Sat 15 Oct.  If you haven't had the pleasure one of Steve & Sandy's famous BBQs, you must come try it out!  You can arrive early for Ken's Sat dummy class, workout with all of Ben's students, and eat all at the same time!

I've been told this evite link should work...


New Class Photo; Next Mon 10 Oct

posted 4 Oct 2016, 09:32 by JL Shaw

It's time for a new class photo!  Especially with the new location and the fact that the old photo is so old I'm not even in it!

Please show up at the new class location on 10 Oct (Mon) and get your face on the website!

Fri 9/30 class is on!

posted 28 Sep 2016, 22:58 by JL Shaw

This Friday's Wing Chun class is on!  Remember we are at our new location in the Racquetball Courts in the Ford Center.

Look at the older announcements for details.


New Location Entrance

posted 27 Sep 2016, 15:37 by JL Shaw

The new location in the Ford Center is NICE!

However, some people are having trouble finding the entrance.  Do not use the main entrance into the Ford Center. It will NOT get you into the racquetball courts.  The entrances are at the very corners of the Ford Center closest to Galvez St.  So, if you walk along the walkway on Galvez St., you will see the wall of the Ford Center.  Follow it to a corner, and there will be a glass door entrance into the racquetball courts.  You should see us working out in there.

Lastly, we are still working on how to unlock those entrance doors as it only opens with a student ID.  This will only affect the first people getting there.  Otherwise, just tap on the glass doors to get someone's attention and someone should open the door for you.


posted 24 Sep 2016, 00:00 by JL Shaw

Starting 26 Sep...

SCHEDULE    Every Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm-10:00pm

LOCATION:    Racquetball Courts in the Ford Center.

ADDRESS:    365 Galvez St., Stanford, Ca (map)

New Location possibly Mon 26 Sep!

posted 21 Sep 2016, 17:22 by JL Shaw

After a very fruitful meeting with Tim Ghormley of SMAP (Stanford Martial Arts Program),
we could have a new meeting place as early as next Mon (26 Sep)!  The Racquet Ball
Courts were suggested.  However, confirmation and details such as the time available is
still needed.

I'll keep everyone updated as soon as I know!


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