We meet twice a week to practice forms, partner drills, and light sparring under the guidance of our teacher, Ken Chung.

Kenneth Chung

Our instructor, Ken Chung (鐘萬年), learnt Wing Chun from Leung Sheung (梁相), one of the first students of Yip Man (葉問).

More information on Leung Sheung and Yip Man:

Eddie Oshins

The Stanford University Wing Chun Student Association was established by Eddie Oshins (originally as the "Menlo Park Wing Chun Student Association"). For many years Eddie was a dedicated teacher of Wing Chun at Stanford. Week after week he could be found instructing students in the basement of the mathematics building.

Eddie passed away on October 10th, 2003. His teacher of roughly twenty years, Kenneth Chung, is now the instructor. Additionally Ken's Wing Chun classes formerly held in Cupertino have merged with ours.