What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun (詠春) is a Southern Chinese Martial Art legend to have been invented by woman, but you don't need to be one to excel.  More recently, this martial art was made famous by Grand Master Yip Man (葉問). At 5'2" and reportedly only 120 lbs, Yip Man (葉問was able to take on challengers many times his size; a true testament of Wing Chun's roots legend.  Today, Grand Master Yip Man (葉問is immortalized in numerous hit movies.

Who are We?

Dedicated to passing on the teachings and essence of traditional Leung Sheung (梁相 Wing Chun, Sifu Kenneth Chung (鍾萬年) has been teaching for over 40 year.  The Stanford Wing Chun group was originally started by Eddie Oshins, a student of Sifu Kenneth Chung. After Eddie Oshins untimely passing on 10 October, 2003, Sifu Ken decided to merge his group with Stanford's.

Little has changed over time as Sifu Ken is dedicated to the tried and true ways of small classes, hands on teaching, and effective results.  Sifu Ken also honors his master, Leung Sheung (梁相), by following in his tradition of not advertising or growing the class too large. Master Leung Sheung (梁相) and Sifi Ken are fond of saying, "You are very lucky to find us".

Sifu Ken, emphasizes a softer structure approach where the question of "can Yip Man (who is very small) or a woman do this?".  Speed and strength cannot be the answer as Yip Man was only 5'2" and 120 lbs.  Position/Structure can over come other people's speed and power.  Sensitivity/Timing will give you speed and power. Lastly, Energy/Speed comes after you have the others. And when you are looking for more, then you need to start with Position/Structure & then Sensitivity/Timing all over again in a spiral.


Yip Man (葉問> Leung Sheung (梁相> Kenneth Chung (鍾萬年)

Master Leung Sheung (梁相) was the first and most senior student of Grand Master Yip Man (葉問) and he turned out many outstanding hands. Sifu Kenneth Chung (鍾萬年) is one of them and he too has produced many outstanding Sifu's after him.

Class Information

 7 Jun 2019:

 9 Jun 2019:
Temporary new location will be Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-9pm at 608 N. 3rd St, San Jose.  We will retain Sifu Ken but most likely be changing our name.

15 Jun 2019
We will not be accepting any new students until Sifu Ken returns from travels and settles on what we will do for the future. 

Classes meets every Mondays, Wednesdaysand Fridays all from 6:30pm - 9:30pm at the Ford Center Racquetball Court. Please check "Announcementsfor any changes in schedule such as holidays, etc.  Note that unlike most classes, students don't have to arrive at 6:30pm (or leave at 9:30pm).  See below.

The doors to the Racquetball Courts are the ones closest to Galvez St. Due to a new rule by the Ford Center facility director, we are not allowed to prop open the doors to the Racquetball Courts. If you don't have a Stanford ID Card to "click" yourself in, you will have to go into the Ford Center proper and ask the person at the Front Desk to open the doors for you.

New Students (or just want to visit) We are not accepting any new students until further notice.

Everyone is welcome!  You can start at any time of the year, and in the traditional style, classes are self paced.  E.g. You can train for the entire 3 hours, or arrive (and leave) at any time in between.  Stanford affiliation is not required, though registered students are given a large discount. Since classes require a degree of self motivation, students under age 14 are discouraged, but Sifu Ken might make an exception if you are truly dedicated.

See 9 Jun 2019 comment above.

Come visit us!  We would love to meet you, but please contact us before visiting. Additionally, if you need more information, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.