Views of Parents & Children

Parental Questionnaire - February 2016 results and response


Strongly agree



Strongly disagree


My child enjoys pre-school?







“loves coming and always wants to come again”

“Always races in and doesn’t want to leave at home time”

“Absolutely loves coming to Pre-School”

“My child loves school. Enjoys the company of his friends and the attention of his teachers”

My child is safe at pre-school?





“I feel my child is 100% safe”


My child enjoys all the activities/experiences available at pre-school?

Please tell us which ones & suggestions for any we don’t currently offer.






“enjoyed visiting church, primary school and park”.

“painting, cooking and singing”

“Playing outside”

“Particularly baking and role play”

“loves being outside, going to the park and walks around the village”

“Playing in the jelly”

“climbing and super hero themed games”

My child is making good progress at pre-school?






“Especially vocabulary and social skills”

“Mainly thanks to the staff”

“other than singing new songs I haven’t noticed other progress than what he was like before starting”

The quality of care and learning my child receives is good?






“amazing quality of care”

“I would like introduction to simple spellings and maths”

My child’s key person is accessible and approachable?






“x is very approachable, my child feels very safe around her”

“very much so”

“she is lovely, helpful and caring”

“always on hand at drop off and pick up”

The manager is accessible and approachable?






“Nina is approachable, caring, amazing manager”

“Very down to earth and very accommodating”

“always around”

I understand the role of the committee & feel able to approach them?






“I understand they are there to help run things. Not necessarily each individual. Those I have spoken to are approachable”

Parental communication is good e.g future events?






“has improved”

“lots of newsletters and e-mails to keep us informed”

I feel informed about my child’s progress and achievements?






“only from the I.L.P not so much face to face”

“would be nice to hear more though”

“couldn’t ask for better”

“I like the online progress reports just wish it could be open for a bit longer”

I regularly use the website & find it useful?  If not why not?






“don’t use the website but looked prior to my child starting”

“facebook page would be more accessible”

“do not really use the current website as I find it difficult to navigate/find things”

I have looked at and understand my child’s learning journey file?





“ Love being able to share it with family”

“the interactive diary is lovely”

“I keep forgetting to look”

I feel welcome at pre-school & enjoy participating in pre-school life?





“very welcoming and really enjoy being part of the committee”

I would recommend the pre-school to others? Please state why.






“brilliant setting for children”

“friendly, local, good connections with the school”

“because the staff and level of care are second to none”

“because it’s a friendly, happy place”

I have ideas that would change/improve pre-school? Please provide





“can’t think of any at the moment but if I do I know where to make suggestions”


Any further comments:

“this final year is going so fast but I can already see that my child is looking forward to school and I know he will be supported by staff to ensure he is ready”


“wearing aprons when painting would be good as the paint doesn’t come out of the clothes”


“I would like to see a board of the day’s activities, even if it only says one of the activities on offer that day”


“care for my child has been brilliant. His ‘issues’ have been dealt with professionally and with great consideration”


“x is happy and settled at pre-school. We are very confident that he receives and excellent level of care. We are also impressed with the progress he has made in this setting”


“so happy with his development and seeing him eat fruit after encouragement from staff”



Response to queries/comments/questions:

I’m sorry that a few parents feel that they don’t know what their child has been doing at Pre-School. There is a noticeboard in the garden on the right as you come in the door with a list of things we have been up to in session. Please just ask a member of staff, or alternatively drop me and I will ensure staff to a better job of keeping you informed.


We are in the process of launching a new website which we hope will be more user-friendly. I admit that I am not always the greatest at keeping it updated and apologise for that.


There is now a Pre-School Facebook page set up by committee and is being used for sharing information. Just search Stanford in the Vale Pre-School on FB. I did send out an e-mail about the launch about a month ago. I know some parents are already using it and find it useful.


The dates for the portal opening for the Interactive Learning Diary are set by the primary school as we are fortunate enough to make use of their system, so unfortunately this is not something we can control. I will of course pass on your comments to see if there is any way it can be extended.


All parents of children who joined us in January will get their log in details before we break up so that they can go on and see their child’s learning journey. The dates for the portal opening over Easter are the 21st March – 11th April.


As all parents hopefully know we follow the Early Years foundation Stage curriculum which advocates the importance of children learning through play. Here is a link to some information for parents and

We support children in their development of number, concentrating on counting, recognising numerals and laying the early groundwork for their transition to school. We also support the learning of phonics (letter sounds) which will enable children to learn to read and spell. This can involve many things from singing, learning to rhyme, alliteration stories and the Letters and Sounds phase one program. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Many thanks to all parents who filled in the questionnaire and returned it, we really do appreciate it.



Stanford Preschool,
20 Mar 2016, 06:38