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We have been asked to ensure that all our parents know of the potential dangers of children using the internet. Please see the information we have been advised below.

Whilst we do not use the internet with the children at Pre-school, it is worthwhile highlighting the dangers so that parents are aware and can take steps to protect their children as they grow and begin to use the internet more.

E-safety information and reporting procedures are also contained within our Child Protection Policy, this can be found in the policies section. If you are concerned about E-safety please speak with the Manager or Chair or email them:



Advice and links to further information on e-safety can be found on Oxfordshire County Council's website: Internet Safety Advice

Safeguarding Children - Online Safety:

        ·      Remind children that information they give over the internet onto unsecured sites will be held in the public domain. Children should understand that such personal data revealed may be used by others. Explain how only using secure sites will ensure their personal information is not available to the general public.

                ·      Remember there are risks from:

o   Prolonged exposure to online technologies, particularly from a young age;

o   Exposure to inappropriate content, images and language;

o   Making, taking and distribution of indecent images;

o   Cyber bullying;

o   Grooming;

o   Physical, sexual and emotional abuse;

o   Addiction to gambling and/or gaming;

o   Pressure from media and targeted advertising;

o   Theft and fraud from activities such as phishing;

o   Viruses, Trojans, diallers, key loggers, spyware and other malware;

o   Social pressure to maintain online networks via texting and social networking sites;

o   Identity theft.