*Important information please see below*

Please be aware that as of 23rd November 2015 we are at full capacity for this academic year (2015/2016). Any new enquiries received after this date will be placed on our waiting list, in received date order, but unless a child leaves we do not have any spaces available to offer a placement until the new academic year (2016/2017).

For those of you enquiring for future terms, please complete our enquiry form and return them to Pre-school for the attention of the Enrolment Secretary. The enquiry will be added to our waiting list and a confirmation email will be sent on receipt. As per our Admissions policy criteria; points are awarded for every term that the child’s name is on the waiting list, so the longer your child is on the list before starting the more points will be awarded.

The first step is to put your child onto our Wait List. The longer your child is on our Wait List, the more chance there will be of securing a place, so it is wise to register your interest at the earliest opportunity. 

  • Please complete our ‘Enquiry Form’ and return it to Pre-school for the attention of the Enrolment secretary. 
  • Generally, depending on availability, we offer places to children the term in which they turn three. Where possible we give priority to children with Special Educational Needs, children at risk or children in need. 
  • Approximately 3 - 4 months before your child is eligible to start, we will contact you to confirm if a space may be available. If you wish to enrol your child we will then start the formal enrolment process which will include:
    • Completing all the necessary paperwork including our Enrolment and Fees & Funding forms 
    • Payment of an Enrolment Fee which covers all the administrative costs incurred by Pre-school 
    • Attending a Parents’ Induction at Pre-school the term before your child starts. At this session you will be given information about how Pre-school is run and what to expect. You will be shown around the setting and you will meet your child’s key person 
    • At the Parents' Induction you will be given a date for your child’s ‘Stay & Play’ session which will be at the very start of their first term. After this session your child will then join us! 
Please contact us if you would like more information. For further details please see the Admissions Policy and Fees & Payment Policy in the Policies section of the website