Committee Roles

Stanford Pre-School is run by a volunteer committee.  The following are the main committee roles and responsibilities:

           Chairperson required to:

i)        be the public representative of the Committee and first point of contact for most events/issues;

ii)      chair all meetings;

iii)     provide support to the Treasurer, other committee members and the Pre-school staff as appropriate;

iv)     liaise with Ofsted, the Pre-school Learning Alliance (PSLA), Charity Commission and other governing bodies on administrative/policy issues;

v)      represent the Pre-school’s interests regarding issues associated with Stanford Primary School; and

vi)     liaise with the PPC on all grant application issues.

vii)          provide line manager support to the Supervisor, conducting her/his annual appraisal;

viii)         oversee the bi-annual appraisal of all other pre-school staff;

ix)            liaise with staff to co-ordinate a personal development plan for each individual;

x)              maintain comprehensive personnel files for all staff members;

xi)            co-ordinate the recruitment of new staff members as required;

xii)           maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date Induction Training Programme;

xiii)         liaise with the Supervisor to ensure new members of staff undertake Induction Training; and

xiv)         co-ordinate the acceptance of work experience individuals with the Supervisor.

           Deputy Chairperson required to:

i)        chair meetings in the absence of the Chairperson;

ii)      provide support to the Chairperson as appropriate;

iii)     maintain the Operational Plan ensuring all the information is relevant and up-to-date;

iv)     administer all matters regarding Health and Safety;

v)      annually review all policies and procedures in accordance with the evaluation timetable, ensuring amended policies are copied to all staff members and the Operational Plan;

vi)     ensure the Prospectus is always up-to-date and ensure the swift inclusion of any amendments.  Copy amendments to Enrolment Secretary, Supervisor and Operational Plan; and

vii)   maintain a record of all the pre-school files and who has possession of them.


           Secretary required to:

i)        deal with the Pre-school’s official paperwork other than the accounts;

ii)      maintain an up-to-date list of names, addresses, contact telephone numbers and email addresses of committee members;

iii)     write letters/notices as required by the Chairperson;

iv)     draw up and circulate agendas for committee meetings, AGM and EGMs prior to the meetings, in consultation with the Chairperson;

v)      keep proper records (minutes) of committee meetings, AGM and EGMs and circulate following consultation with the Chairperson; and

vi)     arrange venues for all meetings.

Treasurer required to:

i)        keep records of all the Pre-school’s financial transactions;

ii)      prepare a receipts and payments budget for the year;

iii)     manage the Pre-school’s bank and building society accounts, updating the lists of signatories as necessary;

iv)     issue bills and receipts on behalf of the Pre-school;

v)      hold the Pre-school’s cheque book and ensure the timely payment of bills;

vi)     administer a petty cash account;

vii)   liaise with the Wages Officer to ensure accurate payment of staff wages;

viii)  collate an accurate record of staff expenses payments;

ix)     prepare all account books, provide recommendations and final accounts for the AGM;

x)       ensure all account books are audited annually by an independent auditor.  A copy of the accounts and signed audit form are to be give to the Chairperson for inclusion in the Charities Commission Annual Return; and

xi)     liaise with charities/Oxfordshire County Council for help with paying the fees

Fees Secretary required to:

i)        prepare and distribute the fees invoices – information for these will be given to you by the Enrolment Secretary;

ii)       liaise with charities/Oxfordshire County Council for help with paying the fees; and

iii)     chase up any late payments.

Enrolment Secretary required to:

i)        issue enrolment forms;

ii)      apply for Oxfordshire County Council Funding for 3 & 4 year olds;

iii)     issue the Welcome Pack, including Prospectus, Committee Contact Details, Fees and Payment Policy Guidelines, Parent Consent Forms and Constitution;

iv)     allocate starting places for children joining the Pre-school;

v)      provide a ½ term register to the Fees Secretary and staff; and

vi)     liaise with staff to ensure the upkeep of places within the sessions.

Wages Officer required to:

i)        obtain and check the weekly staff timesheets;

ii)      collate a monthly record of staff hours and wages;

iii)     inform the Treasurer how much each staff member should receive as their monthly wage payment;

iv)     deal with all matters relating to National Insurance, Income Tax;

v)      forward information regarding Pensions to members of staff; and

vi)     conduct annual Staff Wages Review.

Fundraising Officer required to:

i)        be the focal point for all fundraising queries on behalf of the Pre-school;

ii)      co-ordinate and organise sub-committees for all fundraising activities;

iii)     co-ordinate and organise individual fundraising events;

iv)     acquire in good time, from the Treasurer, any monetary floats required for fundraising events; and

v)      ensure the timely transfer of any monies received from fundraising events to the Treasurer.

Fundraising Assistants (1-3 Individuals) required to:

i)      co-ordinate and organise individual fundraising events as requested by the Fundraising Officer;

ii)    acquire in good time, from the Treasurer, any monetary floats required for fundraising events; and

iii)   ensure the timely transfer of any monies received from fundraising events to the Treasurer.

General Members (1 - 6 Individuals) required to:

i)        attend committee meetings;

ii)      provide assistance with fundraising activities; and

iii)     provide assistance to the Pre-school Committee and staff where necessary.

Village Hall Representative required to:  

   i)      represent the interests of the Pre-school at Village Hall Management Committee meetings.

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