Map and satellite image.  This is a link to a satellite image, road map, and terrain map of Stanford from Google maps.
Tax parcel maps.  Use this link to get to the ParcelAccess program, which includes maps and information on specific tax parcels.
Other maps of physical features and natural resources are included below as links to pdf files. 
Maps of physical features
    Steep slopes                             (pdf  3913K)            View/Download
    Surficial Geology                        (pdf  518K)             View/Download
    Soils                                         (pdf 1301K)             View/Download
Maps of water resources
    Streams, lakes and ponds           (pdf  1315K)           View/Download
    Wetlands                                    (pdf  1604K)          View/Download
    Floodplains                                  (pdf   722K)           View/Download
Maps of ecological features.
    Town Critical Environmental Areas  (pdf  548K)            View/Download
The "Critical Habitats" maps are from the analysis by Hudsonia, Inc., and are described in the document "Hudsonia  Stanford Report"  available on the Documents page of this web site.
    Critical Habitats- Entire Town         (pdf  3363K)        View/Download
    Critical Habitats- NW                     (pdf  1905K)        View/Download
    Critical Habitats- SW                     (pdf  1758K)        View/Download
    Critical Habitats- NE                     (pdf  1670K)         View/Download
    Critical Habitats- SE                     (pdf  1600K)         View/Download
    Agricultural Districts                      (pdf  693K )           View/Download
    Agricultural and Forest Exemptions                               View/Download
Zoning and Parcels
    Zoning map                                     (pdf   515K)            View/Download
    Parcel Size Distribution                                                View/Download