Who We Are

Stanford Peace of Mind's events are run by the SPoMsters, a group of students who meet weekly to organize upcoming events to help promote our mission statement. If you want to be involved with SPOM, check out our Want to Know More? section.

Current SPoM Leadership:

Nikita Desai (Co-president)
Tara Hasan (Co-president)
Alex Price (Financial Officer)
Patrick McGuire
Charlotte Poplawski
Analyssa Lopez

Why We Exist:
The problems of stigma, the ubiquity of mental illnesses, the ability to change societal views. We're here to make Stanford a better place for everybody, especially for those who are struggling with stress, relationships, or mental illness.

Also, having depression or other mental illness is not a lot of fun. And you know what makes it worse? Having nobody who understands what you're going through, having nobody to talk to, facing tremendous stigma for your society any time you bring it up. That stigma is there, and it's largely not because people are cruel and ill-willed, it's just that many people don't understand.

That's where we step in: by helping people share their stories and connecting students to resources and information, we aim to decrease the stigma that makes having a mental illness all the worse. With the all-important support of one's friends and communities, the process of recovery, or living with a mental illness, is that much easier.