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A Vision for SALT and the Stanford Luminary Archives

The Self Archiving Legacy Toolkit (SALT) Project is a multi-year initiative within Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR) to enhance the ability of the University Archives to capture, preserve, and add meaning to the life-work collections of eminent faculty and researchers and make them available and discoverable via the next-generation Internet.

This White Paper presents a vision of what could be -- at Stanford University and at other institutions as solutions and knowledge are shared by open source methods.  This White Paper envisions solutions for Stanford Faculty, for Scholarly Researchers, delves into the challenges of adding semantic meaning, and lastly describes the opportunities and benefits for participation in the project.

Download the White Paper (pdf)

The impact of this future vision is played out in a data brief for faculty and one for researchers of the future.

Download a data brief for faculty (pdf)

Download a data brief for Scholarly Researchers (pdf)