Self Archiving Legacy Toolkit


Universities have a need and desire to capture as best we can the evidence – the working papers, notes, drafts, code, research data – of the progression of ideas from the great minds at the institution (“luminaries”).  The full potential of this historical legacy of documentary resources cannot be realized by simple digitization alone.

Now in development at Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR), the Self Archiving Legacy Toolkit (SALT) will be a highly automatic, engaging hosted software toolkit that will present the luminary with a representation of their legacy for enhancement and, in the process, will capture their insights and new knowledge.

SALT will enable digital archives to present comprehensive luminary collections -- regardless of original format -- online in a consistent, accessible format that enriches the user experience for both luminaries and researchers.  As collections are added to the archives, links between collections will allow the network of innovation to be more fully understood and explored by patrons.