Welcome to the Stanford Kite Flying Society Website! We are an organization that seeks to educate people about the kite throughout history and to teach people the joys of kite-flying. In a world where we get entrenched in work and become inundated and often obsessed with the technology that pervades everyday life, we forget about how simple activities can enrich our lives. One of these activities is kite-flying which is a beloved pasttime in danger of being displaced by modern diversions such as video games. We want you to know that you can still enjoy and take part in kite-flying and other activities that you might have liked as a kid.

Kite-flying remains a beloved past-time for kids and adults worldwide, but it faces stiff competition from activities people can pursue in the virtual world. The kite itself has evolved as developments in materials science and optimization of the manufacturing processes have made kites cheaper and more accessible to the general public. Modern designs have improved the aerodynamic quality of kites.

Though kites have changed in form thanks to scientific discoveries, the basic process of flying a kite remains the same regardless of the type of kite being used. Kite-flying cannot offer the varied experiences or visual stimulation that say, playing Halo 3 does. You can't beat down, shoot or throw grenades at people with a couple taps of the fingers like you do in video games. However, kite-flying has the potential to be a fun and relaxing activity, which is what the Kite Flying Society wants to get people to realize.