Free Apps

There's really nothing to not like about things that are free - unless, of course, they are totally useless.
I tried to divide the apps that I have reviewed into categories - to make it easier to browse and review apps. 
Medical Calculators - the title speaks for itself

Medical News - apps with which you can listen to lectures/read news articles to keep you up to date

Medical Reference - apps you can use to look up all of the information that won't fit inside your head

Miscellaneous - anything else I could find that I thought was somewhat helpful

Multimedia - references made up of mostly images/videos/sounds

Productivity - apps that you can use every day to make your life a little bit easier

Research - access to the medical literature

Top Rated - all the apps that earned a "4" or a "5" rating - for those who want to cut to the chase and find the best apps

Translation - apps to help you communicate with your patients in languages other than English