Stanford Economics Behavioral & Experimental Seminar, 2017-18

Time: Mondays 3:45 to 5:00 pm
Faculty OrganizersDoug BernheimMuriel Niederle, and Al Roth

Fall 2017

DateLocationSpeaker Topic
 Sept. 25 Landau Conf. Rm A Paul Neihaus
 Structuring Cash Transfers
 Oct. 2 - NO SEMINAR
 Oct. 9 - NO SEMINAR: Ken Arrow Tribute 
 Oct. 16 Landau Conf. Rm A Ori Heffetz
 Are Reference Points (Merely) Lagged Beliefs Over Probabilities?
 Oct. 23 Landau Conf. Rm A  Paola Sapienza
(Northwestern Kellogg)
 Long-term Orientation and Educational Performance
 Oct. 30 Landau Conf. Rm A  Isabel Trevino
 Sentiment, Strategic Uncertainty, and Information Structure in Coordination Games
 Nov. 6 Landau Conf. Rm A  Keith Chen
(UCLA Anderson) 
 Politics Gets Personal: Effects of Political Partisanship and Advertising on Family Ties
 Nov. 13 Landau Conf. Rm A  Stephanie Wang
(University of Pittsburgh)
 The Biases of Others: Anticipating Informational Projection in an Agency Setting
 Nov. 20 -   - NO SEMINAR: Thanksgiving
 Nov. 27 Landau Conf. Rm A  Yan Chen
(University of Michigan) 
 What Motivates Experts to Contribute to Public Information Goods? A Field Experiment at Wikipedia.
 Dec. 4 Landau Conf. Rm A  Luigi Zingales
(Chicago Booth) 
 Taste for Competition and the Gender Gap among Young Business Professionals

Winter 2018

DateLocationSpeaker Topic
 Jan. 29 Landau Conf. Rm A  Nicola Gennaioli
(Bocconi University)
 Feb. 5 Landau Conf. Rm A  Nagore Iriberri
(Univ. of the Basque Country)
 Feb. 12 Landau Conf. Rm A  Pamela Jakiela 
(University of Maryland) 
 Feb. 19 -  - NO SEMINAR: Presidents' Day
 Feb. 26 Landau Conf. Rm A Emir Kamenica
(Chicago Booth)
 Mar. 5 Landau Conf. Rm A  Benjamin Enke
 Mar. 12 - - NO SEMINAR

Spring 2018

DateLocationSpeaker Topic
 Apr. 2 - - NO SEMINAR
 Apr. 9 Landau Conf. Rm A Annie Liang
(University of Pennsylvania)
 Apr. 16 Landau Conf. Rm A Erik Eyster
 Apr. 23 Landau Conf. Rm A Joshua Schwartzstein
(Harvard Business School)
 Apr. 30 Landau Conf. Rm A  Devin Pope
(Chicago Booth)
 May 7 Landau Conf. Rm A  Sevgi Yuksel
(UC Santa Barbara)
 May 14 Landau Conf. Rm A  Antonio Rangel
 May 21 Landau Conf. Rm A  Supreet Kaur
(UC Berkeley)
 May 28 -   - NO SEMINAR: Memorial Day
 June 4 -  -  NO SEMINAR

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