Autumn 2011

For the seventh year we will be offering this unique class that you will find at no other university on the planet. Come listen to these eminent leaders discuss their vision of the future of software-powered businesses. The class is open to all Stanford students.

Course Outline

The course consists of an introductory lecture designed to frame cloud computing from a business and technology point of view. The remaining 8 lectures will be delivered by guest lecturers who will introduce their particular company and discuss the implications of cloud computing from their unique perspective.

  • Jeff Jordan, Executive Chairman, Opentable (OPEN), GP, Andressen Horowitz
  • Vivek Ranadivé, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Tibco (TIBX)
  • Wiliam McCracken, CEO, CA Technologies (CA)
  • Ray Lane, Chairman, HP (HPQ), GP, Kleiner Perkins
  • Rick Rudman, Founder, Chairman, CEO, Vocus (VOCS)
  • Eva Chen, CEO, Trend Micro (4704)
  • Joe Kennedy, President & CEO, Pandora (P)
  • Tim O'Reilly, Founder, CEO, O’Reilly Media


The course is not technical, but of course assumes you have interest in the high technology business either from a consumer or enterprise point of view. For CS/EE students this is a unique way to learn about the business side of technology from some of the leaders in the industry. For the MBA students this is a way for you to understand this important sector of the economy. And for the general student consider registering as a way for you to get exposed to an area that will affect you in your personal and professional life.