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This was a course on Game Design, Computer Science, and Software Engineering. Students learned foundational concepts in programming, design, and engineering, using various programming languages. They engaged in classroom discussions, documenting ideas, and keeping online journals. The students worked with different game development and programming tools each day, including: Github, Twine, Scratch, Processing, PuzzleScript, GameSalad, Construct 2, and RPG Maker. In addition to digital game design and development, a final project in the course was to design and playtest their own board games. A major emphasis of this course is in understanding how to have an impact in the world of technology. We discussed careers as scientists, designers, engineers, artists, and producers. We had eight guest speakers who were professors, engineers, and designers from top companies. The well-known figures included, Stone Librande, Noah Falstein, and Richard Lemarchand, and companies included Google, YouTube, Riot Games, and Disney. At the end of the course, each student created their own poster presentation on a topic they found interesting in class. These topics included design, software engineering, game studies, algorithms, aritificial intelligence, and development tools among others. All of their projects and assignments are documented in their Wordpress blogs that they updated multiple times a day.

Guest Speakers:
  • Stone, Riot
  • Ryan, Google
  • Jose, Professor at DePaul
  • Noah, Google
  • Ryan, YouTube
  • Carson, YouTube
  • Ernest, Disney
  • Richard, Professor at USC (formerly Naughtydog)

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Password: adm2k12

Computer PW: Lab.104

  • 2-4-26
  • 32-18-36