Please use the resources on this page to find people, places, and groups to support your own recovery efforts or the recovering of loved ones. Remember that it is highly recommended to surround yourself with loved ones and people going through the same struggles to help you be successful in life when it comes to addiction and the temptation to return to old patterns and habits. Your not alone and often we all need to lean on others to get through the hard days, weeks, months and years.

Hill Village Bible Church
Friday 7PM
36 Crescent Street
Hill, NH 3243
603-934-3500 Church

Minot Sleeper Library
Monday 4:45 to 5:45pm
35 Pleasant Street
03222 Bristol New Hampshire

Jessica Sherkanowski - Facilitator
(603) 630-3915

Navigating Recovery of the Lakes Region
635 Main Street
Main St. Suite 303
03246 Laconia New Hampshire

Patricia Wetherbee - Facilitator
(603) 524-5939

Belmont Mill
03220 Belmont New Hampshire
Scott Rupp - Facilitator
(603) 267-0085