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Friday,July 22nd, the Alexandria United Methodist Church helped put together a benefit concert at The Purple Pit. The proceeds raised on behalf of Stand Up Newfound, (a community coalition dedicated to raising awareness of substance misuse) will go towards local DARE programs in the Newfound Area. Last year, only one school in the Newfound Area School District held the DARE program. The DARE program, taught by a police officer, is an education tool that teaches youth to resist drugs and alcohol, providing them with tools and information to make good choices. The DARE program can only be taught by police officers who have participated in an intensive two week program and are then certified. Because of these strict guidelines, only New Hampton Community School was able to participate in the program this year. With the growing epidemic of substance misuse in our community, Stand Up Newfound feels education is key to prevention, and desires to see the DARE program in all the Newfound area schools, with additional education in the middle and high schools.

Alexandria Church raised over $500 at this benefit concert. The Purple Pit is an amazing venue, with excellent acoustics and wonderful food and drink. Several artists were on hand to raise awareness, and their generous donation of time and music were greatly appreciated. Stand Up Newfound holds a community meeting every 4th Thursday at 6:30pm.  Please join them in their mission to increase community awareness, education and prevention in the local community.

S.U.N. awarded the DARE graduates at New Hampton Community School tonight with green star balloons 
in celebration of the completion of their program. What great kids!

S.U.N. Chili Challenge
Thanks to all who helped and participated.