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Parents: The First Step
Godparents: It's Good to Be a Godparent
Baptism Application form
Baptism Order of Service

We are delighted that you are considering baptism at St Andrew's Church. The Rector will be pleased to talk to you about what is involved.
We hope that these notes will assist you and your chosen godparents to prepare for this important occasion and make it more meaningful for you.

Baptisms normally take place during the 9.30am Sunday service. There may exceptions depending on the Church's calendar and events programmed in the life of the parish family. Please stay and enjoy morning coffee with us following the service. The Rector, at his discretion, may allow you to have the service at another time.

The baptism is a simple and beautiful service, with everyone gathered around the font, which is near the main doors to the Church. We ask the parents and godparents to stand together. You will be given an order of service and guidance as to what to say and when.

You may find it helpful to read through the order of service for baptism to see what is involved. Download Baptism

The Prayer Book commends for boys two Godfathers and one Godmother; and for girls two Godmothers and one Godfather. Godparents must be baptized and preferably confirmed.

The font is placed by the main door because baptism is the means by which we enter and become members of Christ's Church. The word 'font' comes from the Latin word fons meaning spring or fount of water, symbolising the new life which God gives us through the Holy Spirit.

The christening robe, or white garment, is symbol of innocence and new life in Christ. The child is clothed with Christ.

The water of baptism has a twofold symbolism - water washes away and cleanses our sins; water is also a symbol of life and refreshment.

The sign of the Cross is the mark or badge of a Christian. Tracing the sign of the Cross on the baby's forehead shows that the baby is a child of Christ.

The candle given after baptism (lit from the Paschal or Easter candle representing the Risen and Living Lord) is a reminder that the Spirit of the Christ lives as a flame in your child. The parish provides a candle, but it is possible for you to bring your own if you wish. We hope that you will keep the candle and light it on the anniversary of the baptism as a reminder of the ceremony.

Your child will also be anointed with the Holy Oil of Chrism. In the Bible, kings and queens were anointed to show that their lives were to be dedicated to God. Your child's life is dedicated to God in baptism.

We understand that you may like to have some photos or a video taken of the occasion. It is nice to have a record of the service but it is more important to be part of the service. Please talk to the priest before the service to obtain permission.

There is no fee for baptism. This Sacrament is a gift to you. If you wish, however, to make a thank-offering give it to the priest who conducts the baptism service.

Your child's baptism will be recorded in the baptism register and you will receive a certificate..

Form available from our On Line Documents section:
The order of service
Notice of Intended Marriage Form 
Wedding Request Form for Booking
Wedding Check List
Music Request Form

There are many reasons for choosing to marry at St Andrew’s, and we are delighted that you are considering the Parish for your wedding.
St Andrew’s Church is a sacred and historic place. Established in 1906. The beautiful building and its magnificent pipe organ, provides a stunning setting.

We offer a Christian ceremony in which the couple, with their friends and family, ask for God’s blessing on their married life together. Our clergy also offer marriage preparation and through referral to other providers.

Weddings for 50-120 guests can be comfortably accommodated in the Church.The Church is also a beautiful place for an evening wedding by candlelight.

Requirements for Being Married
There are some requirements for being married at St Andrew’s. These are set by the Parish Priest and the Parish Council in accordance with the guidelines of the Anglican Church of Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia:
  • The bride and/or the groom is a baptised Christian and preferably a member of the Anglican Church. Both are encouraged to become regular worshippers.
  • The Archbishop’s permission is required if the bride or groom has previously been divorced. This permission is preferably sought by the priest in the parish where the bride or groom resides or worships, or otherwise by the parish clergy.
  • There are restrictions on the availability of the Church for weddings on Sundays and special days in the Church calendar. In particular, no marriage may be celebrated throughout Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Day inclusive, but weddings are permitted on Saturdays and weekdays during Lent.
  • Weddings may only be conducted by licensed Anglican clergy. Ministers of other denominations may assist at the wedding at the discretion of the officiating priest.
  • The Anglican Order of Service must be used, although there are variations within the service that allow couples to make it personal to their wedding. The priest officiating at your wedding will be happy to advise you on your options.
  • While it is advisable to book the Church as soon as you begin making plans, the legal notice of intended marriage must be given to the celebrant of your wedding more than one month and not more than eighteen months before the ceremony.
  • The attire of the wedding party must be consistent with the solemnity and dignity of the occasion.
In addition to these requirements, all couples are encouraged to participate in marriage preparation with a member of the Parish staff, or through other relationship counselling organisations.This may involve completing an inventory/questionnaire, attending group information sessions, or receiving individual counselling. The clergy can help you choose the most appropriate form of marriage preparation for your needs.The clergy may use the Prepare-Enrich materials for marriage preparation. More details are available from the Prepare-Enrich (Australia) website:

Weddings continued...
Booking Your Wedding
Weddings at St Andrew’s Parish Subiaco can only be booked through consultation with the Rector, Fr Peter Manuel, and the Wedding Co-ordinator, Mrs Diana Brown.
All weddings start on the hour, and we always allow two hours between bookings. Sunday weddings are always and only held at 2.00pm.

The Anglican wedding ceremony usually takes about 30 minutes. Please note that it is no longer traditional for the bride to be late! The organist is booked for an hour to cover your wedding, and is free to leave for other engagements at the end of that time.

There is no charge for the sacrament of marriage in the Anglican Church. However, couples who marry at St Andrew’s are required to cover the costs of the ceremony and contribute towards the ongoing ministry and maintenance of the Parish.

The standard Parish wedding package includes the organist, all administrative and legal arrangements, use of the Church for the rehearsal and wedding, provision for parking the wedding cars, Parish Assistants to operate the sound system and help you on the day, and the officiating priest.

A non-refundable deposit of $75 secures your booking. The balance is payable once you make your booking.Officiating clergy
The Rector will normally officiate at weddings at St Andrew’s, but on occasions may ask other clergy to officiate instead.
If you wish to ask another Anglican priest, who is not a member of the parish staff, to officiate at your wedding, you will still need to book the wedding through the Rector to discuss this request. There is rarely any difficulty with this.

No confetti or rice may be thrown anywhere in the Church or grounds. Fresh or dried petals only may be thrown over the bride and groom when they are on the Church lawns.

Bathroom Facilities
The bathroom facilities are located in the Donovan Hall.

Reception Venue
The Donovan Hall is normally available for hire as a reception venue. The Hall is suitable for all types of receptions, from an informal gathering for light refreshments to a formal sit-down dinner.Please discuss bookings with the Wedding Coordinator.

For more information please contact the Wedding Coordinator:Mrs Diana Brown
PO Box 320
Subiaco 6904
Phone: (08) 9381 4327

The flowers for weddings at St Andrew’s are prepared by the parish flower arrangers or by your florist.
There are no flowers in the church during the season of Lent (six Sundays before Easter). However, you are welcome to provide your own flowers if your wedding day falls on one of these weekends.

Flowers provided by parish flower arrangers will be left in place after the wedding to decorate the church. Please contact the Wedding Coordinator to discuss the flowers and cost.

Professional Photography
Video and still photography during the ceremony is permitted in the Church.
Guests are asked not to take photographs during the service.

Professional photographers and videographers are expected to record the wedding ceremony without disruption to the service.

Your photographer and/or videographer must talk to the officiating priest before the service.

Except during the signing of the registers, and at the discretion of the officiating priest, no posed photographs will be allowed during the ceremony.

Photographers and videographers may not move in the space between the altar and the congregation. If these regulations are disregarded, the wedding service will be stopped while the photographer is asked to move back into a designated area.

We are always interested in publishing beautiful wedding photos on our website. If you would like to submit yours, please send them to

Choosing your Music
To assist you with choosing your music, you are strongly encouraged to meet with the Parish Organist, who is available on Sundays after the 9.30am service.

Note that only live music is permitted in the Church. Recorded music cannot be used in any circumstances.

The Parish Organist or another organist nominated by him will be available to play for your wedding.

Soloists and other choirs or instrumental music may be used in consultation with the officiating priest. The Parish Organist must be consulted before another organist is invited to play organ.

Whatever you decide, the choice of music must be discussed with the organist or officiating priest well in advance of your wedding day.

Hymns suitable for weddings

The following hymns are chosen from The Australian Hymn Book and from Sing Alleluia.
  • The Australian Hymn Book (1977)
  • Christ is the heavenly food (for Holy Communion) Come down, 0 Love divine
  • Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly dove
  • Fairest Lord Jesus
  • Father, hear the prayer we offer
  • For the beauty of the earth
  • God be in my head
  • Happy the home that welcomes you
  • Lord of all hopefulness
  • Love divine, all loves excelling
  • Morning has broken
  • Now thank we all our God
  • O God, from whom mankind derives its name
  • O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace
  • O Jesus, King most wonderful
  • O perfect love
  • Our God, be gracious unto us
  • Praise, my soul, the King of heaven
  • Sing a new song
  • The king of love my shepherd is
  • The Lord's my shepherd
  • Lord of creation
Sing Alleluia
  • As man and woman we were made
  • Brother, sister, let me serve you
  • He is the way
  • Our Father, by whose name all fatherhood is known
  • Where love and loving kindness dwell
Bible Readings suitable for weddings
  1. Genesis 1.26-2.4a; Genesis 2.18-24; Genesis 24.48-51, 58-67; Song of Solomon 2.8-14; Song of Solomon 4.1-7; Song of Solomon 8.6-7
  2. Psalm 23; Psalm 37.3-6; Psalm 46; Psalm 67; Psalm 100; Psalm 111; Psalm 121; Psalm 127; Psalm 128; Psalm 138
  3. Romans 12.9-18; 1 Corinthians 12.31-13.13; Ephesians 3.1419; Ephesians 5.21-33; Colossians 3.12-17 [18-19]; 1 John 3.1824; 1 John 4.7-16
  4. Matthew 5.1-12; Matthew 7.21-29; Matthew 22.35-40; John 2.1-11; John 15.9-12 and/or 12-16

Funerals can be held in St Andrew's itself or clergy are available to preside at services at funeral homes or cemeteries.  All services are conducted in accordance with the published rites of the Anglican Church and clergy are required to provide a Christian service.  For those parishioners wishing to plan their funeral please contact the clergy and a parish funeral planning document will be provided.