The significance of being married in a church is that Christian marriage is undertaken in the presence of God. By requesting marriage in the church, you are seeking God’s blessing on your married life, from its beginning and through its course.  You are signifying your desire and intention to lead your married life in accordance with God’s laws of faithfulness and love, as taught by God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and demonstrated in the Bible.  Church weddings are especially significant for those who give God a special place in their lives and show this by regularly attending worship services. There are many considerations to be made in preparing for a wedding, and some of them are covered in this information package. Please understand that St. Andrew’s is not simply a wedding venue.  It is a place of worship, and we want to make the wedding worship service as meaningful as possible for you.  Once your application is approved, and during your Marriage Preparation sessions, the Minister will discuss with you:  Scripture selections, vows, music, other participants in the service, marriage license, floral arrangements, videos, and photos.  The St. Andrew’s Minister officiates all weddings, and weddings are not held on Sundays.  

Please review this package to see if St. Andrew’s Church is the place for your Christian wedding. 

Weddings at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Maple, Ontario, Canada

The following steps are required to hold your wedding at St. Andrew’s:

1)    attend a Sunday worship service to see if our Christian worship service is what you are seeking

2)    arrange an appointment with the Minister to discuss the application process for your wedding

3)    arrange for Marriage Preparation sessions with the Minister, or provide a written record of a course completed elsewhere

4)    a non-refundable $250 deposit is required to secure your rehearsal and wedding times

5)    the balance of the fee schedule and your marriage license is required before the wedding rehearsal


Fixed Fee Schedule:

Sanctuary = $500
Minister = $300
Custodian = $50 
(note: due to COVID, an additional fee of $100 will be billed for additional deep cleaning)
Grand Piano [optional, add $50]
Musician [optional, add $150]

A security deposit of $200 will be required in case of any damages.

TOTAL = $850

If other than the St. Andrew’s musician is employed, a $50 rental fee is applied to use the grand piano.


Other considerations:

The Sanctuary has a maximum seating capacity of 150. 

In the case of divorced persons wishing to re-marry, you must have a divorce decree to secure your marriage license from the municipality.

In the case of divorced Roman Catholics, the Minister requires the certificate of annulment.

The maximum time provided for the rehearsal in the sanctuary is one and one-half hours.

Decorations are permitted in the sanctuary, provided they cause no marking or damage to any walls, furnishings, fixtures, or flooring, and they are removed in their entirety following the service.  Some furnishings within the sanctuary may be moved for the service, on request, with the condition that all items are returned to their original location following the service.

Except for bottled water and baby formula, food and drink are not permitted in the sanctuary.  Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the building.

The use of rice and confetti is not allowed in the building or property.

If flower petals are to be used on the floor, a runner must also be provided and used.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church accepts no responsibility for damage to or theft of cars,

or other property of those using the church lands or premises.

If you wish to print a bulletin for your wedding service, you are free to do so.  A master copy must be presented to the Minister to ensure that the order is printed correctly.

We at St. Andrew’s wish you God’s blessing on your wedding planning and life together.

Please review the information contained in this package, and then call or email the Minister.

You are always welcome to join us for worship any Sunday morning at 10:30. We hope to see you.

God’s blessings as you prepare for an exciting life together.  We pray that you will seriously consider St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church for your special Christian Wedding Service.


In Christ’s service,

Rev. Robert Royal, Minister.


St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 

9860 Keele Street, Maple, ON.  L6A 3Y4