Honorary Members

Some people have made outstanding contributions to the Society over the years.  To thank them for making Philsoc what it is today, the following people have been accorded life-time Honorary Membership:

Scott Horne: Former President, Vice President, and External Speaker Co-ordinator.

Jordan Greenaway: Chief Journal Editor (2011/2012 and semester 2 2010/2011), who raised the standard of the Society journal Aporia, which thanks to his efforts now attracts competitive submissions from universities across the globe.

Amy Taggart: Vice President (2011/2012), who was a dependable Committee Member for two years.


Faisal Alkhatib: Debates Co-ordinator (2011/2012), who  organised successful debates for the Society.

Joe Slater: President for semester 1 (2011/2012) and committed Committee Member, who only missed two talks in six years!
Sarah Lohmann: President (2009/2010) and External Speaker Co-ordinator (2010/2011), who attracted prominent philosophers to the Society, including Daniel Dennett and Simon Blackburn.
Lea Wisken: President for semester 1 (2010/2011), during whose Presidency the Society was at its most active for some time, with several talks by prominent external speakers and more members than ever before.

Vera Schoeller: President of the Society for two years (2006/07 and 2007/08)!

Jael Kriener: inspiring President in 2008/09, and Debates Co-ordinator 2007/08.

Duncan Reynolds: perhaps our most active past Committee Member - Vice-President 2008/09, Treasurer 2007/08 and Webmonkey 2006/07, 2007/08 and 2008/09.

Jens Timmermann: a regular attendee and speaker for the society, who has supported the Committee in innumerable ways throughout the years. He claims that the donation of 12 wine glasses finally got him Honorary Membership.

Peter Clark: someone who did a great deal to support PhilSoc in his former position as Head of School, and who has also given many wonderful talks.

Sarah Broadie: a very supportive staff member and also a regular speaker for the society.

Simon Prosser: regular speaker, interviewed in Aporia Vol. 2, and contributor of the photograph covers of Aporia Volumes 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Chris Macleod: the founder of PhilSoc in 2002 and our first President. After years of supporting PhilSoc, he has also become an academic in his own right and addressed the Society.

Chris Hooley: one of the Society's founders, a regular attendee and just as regular a speaker.

David Walker: a highly supportive member of staff, regrettably no longer with the Department, regular participant in events, and good friend of the student body.

Some representatives of the St Andrews Students' Union are also granted Honorary Membership, namely the DoSDA, SSC Societies Officer, SSC Member for Societies and Grants, and the SSC for Societies Elections.